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Personal Correspondence

Personal Correspondence


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Important Note to Visitors

                                   Important Note to Visitors


     This Site is Updated in as close Chronological Order as possible
                  Presenting the Reader with Information as to :

* How my Story of Malassezia Yeast Fungus has Developed
* Its Complex Nature and Behaviour and what it takes to Control it
* Why Some Treatments seem to appear working, then Failing
* What has been Discovered and Experimented with, along the way
* Illustrate the Progress made to this point
* And Help with Faster Results

Malassezia is not a creature one could treat with a dub of 'x' substance
at night and wake up next morning free and happily ever after.
It is part of natural Body Flora and practically always Present and Persistent,

Understanding the Nature of the Problem is the Key to Successful Control

There is no redundant information here, since part of the Purpose of this Site
is to Inform of the different methods and substances that have been used
and Results achieved, whether Successes or Failures,
potentially saving from Unnecessary Inconvenience Pain and Costs involved.

Please Note:

    All Entries are Interrelated, therefore reading some entries  
    in isolation from the rest, may result in misunderstandings 
    and / or raising questions prematurely when the answers
    may already be there.
    It is therefore Highly Recommended  Reading the Entries 
    in their Chronological Order wherever possible


                                                     JULY 2013


                              Thank You for Visiting My Sites.

          I Regret that Due to the Extra Time and Effort Required
          And my Precariously Frail Health Condition
          I Am Unable to Continue with Individual Correspondence and Replies.

          Most Questions can be Answered by Reading Carefully
          ALL Material Provided in my Pages.

          Devoting the Necessary Time Required
          To Understanding the Nature of the Problem
          And How Yeast operates and Why it can be Persistent
          Can greatly Benefit the Reader in Controlling their Problem
          More Effectively.

          My Sincere Thanks for your Kind Understanding