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Personal Correspondence

Personal Correspondence


Apply YAM



                                                 (March 13)

                           Hair and Scalp Treatment


                 Simple, Gentle, Natural and Effective

Additionally to the daily maintenance as described in relevant entries
i have recently conducted Simple, Natural Hair and Scalp treatment. 

It has taken eight weeks to achieve and safely Confirm Reliable Results.
I am still currently on it and on an indefinitely continuing basis 
and having added it to the general daily maintenance 
because i observed that otherwise the Yeast starts to slowly return.

Instead of applying the YAM Mixture as i had initially intended
but unable to do so due to my temperature sensitivity, 
i thought to try instead applying just the Acidophilus Capsules alone.
I had tried this before, just breaking open a capsule 
and spreading the contents in the hair, 
but it did not seem to make any difference and I stopped.

This time I thought to Do it Differently

1- I Allowed More Time

   (Took 8 weeks to Clear Scalp Completely- No Itch, 
    No Grit Built Up, No Burning! )

2- I did it Methodically and Consistently, i.e Not Skipping treatment

3- Emptied and Mixed the Acidophilus Capsule content into warm water

In a small bottle with nozzle like tip, I add:

2- 3 TBSpoons warm water 

2 Acidophilus Capsules (Hight Content Bacteria) 

Dissolves easily and I apply immediately
Half of the Content at Night at Bedtime
And Half in the Morning.
Work it through to the Scalp and Hair ( I have very short hair)

It Soothes Immediately Itching and Burning 
And in time No Sores and near 100% Clear Scalp
In one Condition:
Must be as an Additional Part of Daily Head/ Hair Maintenance
and be done Consistently without Skipping more than a Day 
(or the Yeast Returns and starts Building on Scalp again!)


- Use Zinc Pyrithione "Head and Shoulders" Shampoo 
 (or other ZP Brand – of comparable amounts of ZP content) 

- Lather Generously, on Dry Scalp covering completely

- Leave on Scalp while having a Shower or Bath

- Scrub Vigorously with a Wide Nail Brush

- Rinse and Towel Dry Scalp well

- Apply Acidophilus Caps mix.

Acidophilus does Not kill Yeast – and Neither do Other Chemicals
but the above Treatment Heals, Soothes and Prevents
by Deterring yeast settling on the Scalp
One consideration for each Individual
No matter what Treatment or Method used, is:

If No Chemical or Natural Treatments Kill Yeast
but Unsettle and Prevent it Returning or Settling there
resulting in Clearing the Scalp as the Acidophilus Treatment does
... where Do the New Yeast Batches Choose to Settle?...

Where will New Yeast Batches chose to lodge if Scalp is cleared?
Perhaps another Richly Hairy area?

This applies to Any Substance or Regime used, Chemical or Natural
unless the Main Reason of and Production / Proliferation of Yeast
is Decisively addressed.

Many articles, or sites suggest different items that ‘help’
but ‘helps’ or ‘works’  means effective Only Topically and Only Temporary.

Some of them make things worse by leaving Greasy
or other Favourable Residues that Re-Invite More Yeast in that area.

I always endeavour to use

1) What is Natural without loading the body or skin
with chemicals that eventually have a cumulative harmful effect
on the Body generally and the friendly Natural Protective Flora of Skin


2) Substances that do not Harm either Body or Skin
    and Deter Malassezia Yeast without leaving Re-Inviting Residues.

The cost of Acidophilus capsules, for me is Preferable to Paying
for and Applying other Chemicals without any or just Poor results
and possibly with Ingredients that may invite More Yeast in the area
while Harming Natural Scalp Protective Flora.

Acidophilus does Not kill Yeast but the above Treatment Heals,
Soothes and Prevents by Deterring Yeast settling on the Scalp.

   Diligent Maintenance, Time and Patience do the Rest

For Severe Cases

Capsules in 3-4 TB Spoons warm water applied 3 times daily,
one application right after washing the hair,  may be more effective
at least for the initial 8 weeks then once clear tapering down to twice daily.

                                  Please See also: 

                                           * * *

25 May 13

     Wearing a Beanie or Hat – Pros or Cons?


It is cold here now and started wearing a Beanie on my head.
Initially one of my own Pure Wool Collection but he Bliss did not last long.
I had to replace with woven cotton for the reasons i list below.
It worked a lot better in regards to discomfort and annoyance
so i have gone in to a frenzy of production in order to be able
to wear only once and send in the wash - but still ...
the effect is the same.

Despite the fact that there is
No Trace or Feel of Yeast Presence on my Scalp anymore
No Lesions, No Bumps, No Sand, No Burning, Nor Crawling Sensation
and my Scalp feels as Near as Clear as three and a half years ago
before the Yeast problem manifested - i have still noticed a couple of things
taking place as soon as a i wear a beanie (or hat) :

* Quick ‘Scalp’ Response to Heat

* As if Heat is Activating still Dormant Yeast Spores

* Followed within a short time (couple of hours or so)
   by what feels like ‘Mobilization away from scalp
   (of partly matured  Spores???) to other areas of the Body
   not necessarily as hairy as the Scalp (but Rich Follicle areas preferred)
   such as Legs, Inside Buttocks, Pubic area , as well as the Inside of Ears
   and Nostrils.

I must clarify here that the Yeast is not restricted to any areas
and for each individual these areas

a) May vary

b) Not All Areas of the Body or All Individuals are sensitive enough
    to FEEL the Presence or Activity of the Yeast
    mistakenly thought as clear... and often discovering suddenly
    tell tales of its evil doings.

Mobilisation Away from the Scalp is Positive
but Surprising how many Billions? ... of Dormant Spores
may be lying in there waiting for the Right Conditions to spring to life...

The same applies to other areas of the Body
when overheated during Physical exertion such as Exercising,
Gym, Running, Pubic Showers, Sweating, Hot Water
including Sexual activity, etc etc.

With the  areas affected by the relocation i deal the same way i usually do:

* Ears

   Clean thoroughly, avoid any greasy substances, dry and place a cotton bud
   dipped in Sea Water and squeezed lightly to rid of excess and inserting
   the outer inner part of the ear for a couple of hours.
   Swimmers drops are fine if No sores present
   (Water + Salt is Not the same as Sea Water! and may not produce result
    and Peroxide can create a painful mess lasting long!...)

* Nostrils

  Just thorough clean with warm water and cotton bud several times.
   Drying with a tissue

* Buttocks, Pubic, Legs
  Several ways depending on the effect of the Yeast:

1- Wet a harsh pile face cloth with hot water and Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo
    and scrub area vigorously, lightly dab dry – repeat with well rinsed cloth
    rinsing and drying the area well a couple of hours later.

2- Clean with Hot water Cotton pad, rinsing and drying well
    then applying Sea Water and leaving it on.

3- As in (2) but Instead of Sea Water i apply YAM Mixture

4- Alternating Sea Water and YAM Mixture as well as some of the regularly
    applied effective methods, seems to produce Better results.
    Not sure why, i have attributed this to -my over a long time observations-
    of its remarkable adaptability of one particular substance or method
    is used continually while other internal or external conditions change.

    Therefore i alternate the ones i have tested repeatedly
    and found unfailingly effective in order to always have
    some fighting ammunition.