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Malassezia Yeast – ALL PHOTOS (PT 2)

                                                                  ( Nov 12 )

                               Malassezia Yeast – ALL PHOTOS in One Place (PT 2)


                              Malassezia Yeast – Symptoms and Effects on Body

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                        Malassezia Yeast – Effects on the Body


        1) Malassezia Bumps on Face - 2) Malassezia Lesions on Lips


    1) Malassezia Lesions on front side of Ears (same also on the Back)

               Malassezia under Nails at its initial stage of Gray Sticky Layer


            Malassezia free, healthy looking Nails to the naked eye...


               The same Nails examined under Digital Microscope
              reveal Malassezia corrosion and microscopic lesions


 1) Malassezia Free, Scalp in Recovery, Normal colour and Regrowing strong Hair
      Before effective treatment it was burning red, itchy, studded with lesions 
      and thinning hair falling in clamps.

  2) Malassezia affected Toe after Controversial Oil Experiment – now in fast recovery


        1) Malassezia Healing Lesion - 2) Malassezia cluster under Breast


          1-3) Malassezia Lesions on Shoulder/Back  –  2) Malassezia on Leg

                                Malassezia Impregnated Hair Follicles 

                 Scratch Lines: 1) on Buttocks  - 2) on the Arm - 3) on Thumb

                           Deep  Paper Cut - Scratch Lines on Buttocks          


      Malassezia Burned Lesions on Buttocks after applying Hydrogen Peroxide
                                           ( A Very Painful Result! )

             Malassezia Multiple Bumps and Entry Blood Spots in Maroon


                                  Malassezia flat surface – entry point lesions


  1) Malassezia  Lesion developed from Deep large Bump- 2) Lesion Scar of healing site


           1) Malassezia  Lesion  inside Buttock   -  2) Cheesy pus filled Lesion


                           1-2) Malassezia Bumps developing into Lesions


          1) Malassezia Lesion Below Ear -   2)  Malassezia Lesion on Chest


   1) Malassezia Purple Bump on Labia – 2) Purple Bump developed into Lesion  

        1) Bumpy Hair Follicles on Buttocks – 2) Bump Developed into Lesion
              (They appear Black due to rubbing charcoal tablet - did not work)

                                                                    * * *

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