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Malassezia Yeast... Here Comes YAM!...

                                                  ( Oct 12 )

                         Malassezia Yeast... Here Comes YAM!...


       “ A Fortunate Second Saviour and ...Good enough to Eat! ”

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There have been so many times when i have gained considerable ground on Malassezia
and then circumstances, internal, environmental or combination of both
throw me back many steps where i momentarily can see how pointless this battle can be.

Yet, surprisingly and beyond my will and character, there is something deep in me
that at times like this, it urges me beyond logic or hope to push on...  


It is not that i have much choice, i must admit, because giving up on fighting
i know Malassezia will devour me whole ... and dance on my grave.

YAM was the result of a forced situation where i had to temporarily
suspend the use of my Seawater Saviour

There was a quick mental list of all things chemical or natural i had available
and which ones and how i could use them either in combinations or alone

After rejecting practically all as unsuitable to provide reliable Overnight Protection
for my still healing Toe,   i came up with something new ...
yet as old as in Cleopatra’s times, and a regular beauty treatment
that many ladies during my childhood preferred instead of LancĂ´me
and one that was now time to try as the only one left i could think of – and in a hurry:

Yes... the re-invention of the Good old Yoghurt combined with the Good old Milk
...with a modern calculated addition providing the twist.

YOGHURT –  providing Live Acidophilus Bacteria
ACIDOPHILUS Capsules –ABC combination– fortifying Live Bacteria Presence
MILK– providing Lactose i.e. Food for the Acidophilus Bacteria,
           so they can survive and multiply while on the task

Neither of the above alone or in combination kills Malassezia
but they take its land, disturb the completion of its cycle
and restore good friendly bacteria on the skin.

                        And as its Name suggests....


        it is also ...YAM!... to eat! ... and Equally Beneficial Internally!

Quantity: (depending on intended area coverage and frequency of use)

* Yoghurt – 2 TBSpoons

* Acidophilus Capsules x 4 (minimum)

* Milk – 1/2 Cup

This mixture gives me a few days use. I keep it in fridge and take out day’s requirement.
If left on room temperature overnight does not go off and it thickens more into yoghurt
as the capsules start to feed and – if as intended –  multiply.

Before i proceed into what it does and how i have used it so far i must note:

* Yoghurt is  NON FAT – Because Malassezia likes Fat and Fat promotes its proliferation
Milk also is NON FAT – for the same reason as above
* I use a (plastic) spoon to transfer to a cotton wad –never fingers into the mixture-
and keeping the container covered with its lid for minimising chance of contamination.

How and Where i have Used it so far:

Overnight Protection

Step 1
* I transfer a small quantity of YAM on a Cotton wad and spread and rub gently
  on all toes, entire top foot area including sole and heel.

Step 2
* Then i transfer more on a new cotton wad, covering its entire surface richly
   and wrap it around the healing Toe, then secure it with a plastic strip

Step 3
* I open a wad into two parts lengthwise and cover the its surface with YAM
  and place it on top on the surface of the foot and repeat procedure for the sole.

Step 4
* Wrap the Foot with a long piece cloth to secure wads in place and put bed socks on

The 4 Step procedure is for the vulnerable foot / toe, for the other one i only do step 1

Step 1 is also applied both before bed time or as needed during the day
on vulnerable areas such as ears, outer buttocks area and occasionally the neck.

At bedtime, i still use a minimal quantity of Seawater on the eyelashes
and the outer privates area as it is the only one i can trust not to wake up with bumps,
paper cut lines or lesions in the Labia and Inner Buttock area.
I have had NO Incidents of this kind in these areas for as many months as i have been
using this Blessed water and only by applying it in these areas i can close my eyes
and surrender my soul to a short, partial night time oblivion.

Day Uses and Protection

* In the morning i clean and prepare a new wrap for the healing Toe

* I repeat Step 1 on both feet and apply once on all vulnerable areas

* I repeat if necessary, i.e. if i feel a crawling sensation,
   anywhere that YAM can be rubbed and /or applied.

What YAM Does

* It Sooths Instantly any Itching, Burning, or Crawling sensation

* It Deters Malassezia from going into any area applied - it does not stop it completely
   but it keeps the applied areas traffic Low and Free for very long periods
  and unlike any other lotions of any kind pharmaceutical, herbal or beauty
   it does not cause the stampede return as all of them seem to do.

* If there is Itching, Burning or Crawling sensation anywhere
  and i rub YAM -on a cotton wad- on that surface the sensation stop instantly
  and there is no incident or adverse effect following,  i.e. No Dig in

* It Cleans the Grayish Sticky Layer off the surface of any area,
  and since a picture is worth a thousand words, this is what i mean:


        Malassezia grayish/brown Sticky Layer cleaned off by YAM!
In fact, i have rubbed YAM on the legs, back, shoulders, face, neck etc
i.e both in areas that to the naked eye look absolutely clean and clear
and there are no usuals sensations as described above
and the cotton wads return much like the one above...
This is where i wish i could fill a bath tab with it and get my scrubbing brush!

So i can see it as having not just one but many beneficial uses and effects:

1) Sooths Instantly Itching, Burning, or Crawling sensation,

2) Dries into a thin Protective Layer and Promotes Healing

3  Can Safely Replace Seawater use in some body areas or be used alternately
    and Deter Malassezia Presence and Damage

4) Can Clean most effectively Grayish Sticky Layer which is vital to adhering
    on the surface of its chosen area and dig in to start its evil work
    which usually lasts near 4 weeks of destroying the skin layers and causing
    maddening itch, irritation and inflammation –which attracts more of it!-
    and spewing more (spores??) every half to one hour or so
    throughout its entire 4 week cycle.

5)  Enriches Skin with Friendly Bacteria

6) It is All Natural, Easy to Prepare in less than a minute
7)  Fairly Inexpensive compared with the prices of different other products.
     One dosage as described above lasts for a few days

8) It is almost Invisible when it dries and Dries into a thin Protective Layer

9) Promotes Quick Healing much like Seawater

8) Can be Safely and Effectively taken Internally

Of course , like with all things, there may be some downside to it for some individuals

* Lactose and / or Dairy intolerant people may encounter some problem
   perhaps through minimal skin absorption ?


              So!... Hello and Hooray... YAM!

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