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Malassezia: Development Stages under Microscope

                                               ( November 11 )

            Malassezia: Development Stages under Microscope


                            "Two Distinctly Different Phases"

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                                      Viewed with Digital Microscope

                    Under Digital Microscope placed Directly on the Skin
                                              Malassezia looks like 
                      a Thin Milky Amorphous Liquid with Erratic Motility 
                                Highly Responsive to Light and Heat.

It separates in several differently shaped droplet like particles, then regroups again,
to form a paddle like shape and separates again, creating different shapes each time,
then steadily and fairly quickly starts to disappears deep under the surface of the skin
where it is not visible anymore.

Waiting for a little while though it partially returns to the surface
-possibly attracted by the gentle heat emanated by the microscope light -
only to retreat again, away from the microscope light.

For quite some time we were unsure and thought this might be moisture,
but on further observations and by applying some common logic in regards to at least
the behaviour of moisture which can be more reliable,
i.e. evaporates but does not play hide and seek,

i gathered that:

* Moisture is not milky (unless there is a specific liquid residue of some kind on the skin)
* Does not have erratic repeated motility resembling the motion of a creature.
* It does not regroup on its own -unless if in a paddle- stirred by a non-absorbent object
* Does not sink under the skin, or
* Does not return back up to the surface repeatedly
* It simply evaporates if exposed to air or heat

Assuming the above assessment is correct, it leads to the conclusion
that it was the viewing of some Fungus at a particular stage of its development
(Was identified as Malassezia at a later stage)

                            Malassezia Liquid stage on Fingertip


                  ( Photo was added June 2012 after identification )

Orange arrows: Liquid stage Malassezia shapes on surface of Fingertip

Blue arrow: Semi-liquid Malassezia blob collected from edge of the eye
(when rubbed between finger and thumb it dries releasing gritty sand like particles)

(Green arrows: Reflection of Digital Microscope’s lights) 

                               Viewed Under Biological Microscope

Samples from different parts of the body such as Skin or Nail scrapings, Hair,
Vaginal and Anal swabs as well as white particles like dandruff deposited on scalp
and skin surface, viewed with Biological Microscope,
have repeatedly revealed Malassezia Segmented Filaments/ Hyphae, Nodules 
in various stages of development surrounded by what appear to be eggs/spores?
Called as "Spaghetti and meatballs"

                      Malassezia Segmented Filaments/ Hyphae, Nodules
      (only the  Filaments visible in our photos due to poor quality camera) (1-2)

                                      (much like in the Google photos (3-4)


Some of the filaments appear bright red -and it is my assumption - that it is due to
either freshly fed - or blood infused ready for incubation.

One indisputable fact based on its behaviour, indicates that it needs blood
but not sure if to feed or to incubate and multiply or both.
My guess is -and it is only a guess - that it feeds on other substances
as it does not dig into the skin to create lesions to access blood
until a later stage of its development presumably when ready to incubate.

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