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Malassezia and Restless Leg Syndrome

                                                          ( Jan 2012 )

  Malassezia, Constipation, Haemorrhoids  and Restless Leg Syndrome                    
                                               Restless Leg Syndrome

            " Prominent at Bed time or when the Person / Body is Resting "

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I have made previously some quick references in other entries, regarding my belief
in a strong relationship between Malassezia and Restless Leg Syndrome.


Why i believe there is a strong Relationship between Malassezia and RLS:

The reason i primarily believe there is that strong relationship, is
-as i have mentioned before- that Malassezia concentrates both
in the Outer as well as Inner Anal ring area, constantly Stimulating 
the Nerve Endings in that area, causing strong Muscle Spasms and Leg Jerking.

This is felt more Prominently at Night time or when a Person / Body is Resting.

The same applies to the Vagina as well for the same reason
 and manifests -as far as personal experience goes- more prominently 
on the left leg, with Muscle Spasms and Cramping, similar to those 
occurring during some menstrual cycles but including also Leg Jerking.

Some research on Restless Leg Syndrome produced as many 'Iffy' results
as answers to questions regarding Malassezia Yeast.

I can imagine there would  be a great number of causes for Restless Leg Syndrome,
from Neurological to simple Pressure on Joints due to Fluid retention, oedema etc
and many-many more that are out of my personal experience or knowledge.

Therefore i will focus on my personal history, indications and what constitutes
-for me- a strong repeated confirmation of my belief and experience.

                How the pieces of the Puzzle came together


Prior to holidaying for a number of weeks in what is now
-and has been for the past seven months our current residence-
i had never before experienced Restless Leg Syndrome
neither did i really know how it felt.

During our holidaying weeks, one year ago, using the warm salt water pool of the complex
resulted in a temporary relief of Malassezia lesions and its menace on the outside surface
of my body and the salt was healing fast the existing ones.
I almost considered it as a possible cure at the time, believing that if i did that
for a longer period of time consistently, it would eventually clear Malassezia off .

I did not have the slightest idea back then that Malassezia not liking chlorine and salt
was RETREATING quickly inside my internals for a few of hours
then coming out temporarily for whatever reasons it needed to come to the surface,
but basically relocated and concentrated inside thus causing the beginning
of the unknown to me before, Restless Leg Syndrome manifestation.

When we returned home after the holiday period, i decided not to return
to the local pool anymore finding the water excruciatingly cold,
so a few weeks later -salt and chlorine exposure missing- Malassezia felt free 
to surface outwards again and the Restless Leg Syndrome simply stopped...
at least until i started chasing it fiercely anew, with many lethal chemicals
naively thinking that killing it outside would end the problem.

The relationship between the two had not totally really sank in back then,
and i was still believing that returning to the warm salted pool would do the miracle.
We geared to moving to the complex, waiting for an opening in the place
where we could rent long term and finally after almost a year we managed to go back.

Within the first week of arrival....

   The same thing was repeated :

* Almost immediate Outside Body/Skin Relief,
* Relocation to Inside Private areas
* Commencement of Extremely Strong Restless Leg Syndrome
The puzzle pieces finally started to come together when i decided to test the theory
of my rising suspicion, by having a series of 2-6 Ltr Clean, Warm Water Enemas
for Three Consecutive Days and Dousing my Vagina while in the shower,
repeating once a week for a few following weeks.

The result spoke for itself and left no trace of doubt in me, that:

1) Malassezia appears to colonise in these two areas,
    causing Restless Leg Syndrome  with its constant activity

2) It is not a coincidence, since each treatment produces the same result
    of immediate relief from leg jerking and a long, though temporary,
    reduction of  Malassezia activity

3) Periods of intense activity alternating with periods of rest
    each activity cycle coinciding with Restless Leg Syndrome intensity.
    The greater the concentration, the more intense and constant the RLS

4) With the recent addition of the acidophilus capsules in both areas
    and especially after enema and dousing and clearing both
    Restless Leg Syndrome has, for some time now, totally stopped on the right leg
    and hardly perceptible on the left due to fact that the Vaginal and Uterine areas 
    are presenting limitations in accessing and / or applying substances.
    Additionally being the Natural habitat of Malassezia as also is the Colon/Anal area.


Undigested, Dehydrated, Foods and /or Rich in Fats and Oils  of All types 
arriving in the Descending Colon cause congestion in the Lower part (secum) 
and Anal area and severe Constipation resulting in bulging Haemorrhoids, 
internally or externally, very  Inviting to Malassezia as an area with readily available
supply of blood, oils etc.

Thus the Itching, the Burning, the Bleeding and the Restless Leg Syndrome.

Overeating and Congesting the Colon with Unprocessed Material 
                               Is Highly inviting to Malassezia

Helpful Aids:

*Smaller Meals, Better, Easiest Digestible Foods

* Acidophilus Capsules and /or Rich in Enzymes Digestible Foods 

Frequent 2-6 Litre, Clean, Warm Water Enemas


The Enema treatment -though not very pleasant or long lasting- is simple and effective.
For some  it could be longer lasting, if there is no frequent tendency of Malassezia overgrowth 
due to low immunity.

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