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Personal Correspondence

Personal Correspondence


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What Drove Malassezia through the Roof!

                     What Drove Malassezia through the Roof!

                                                  Before the Diet Experiment
                                             this was my typical Daily Breakfast


                      Consisting of 3-4 Ripe Bananas, 1/4 Large Pawpaw, 1 Avocado
                      Grapes yellow or red, Mango and Cherries when available
                      Strawberries and a 250 gr tab of Fat Free Yoghurt.

                                 Processed  in a large tab with a hand help Blender 

                               ends up Smooth like whipped Chocolate Mousse
                                                    with added yoghurt on top
                      Four to Five days of the Week this was a ‘times three’ meals a day
                      and the remaining days one meal was replaced with a mix of 


      Raw and Steamed Vegetables such as Tomato, Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce
      Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Beetroot,  Zucchini, etc
      with either a small Potato or Sweet potato and a 250 gr tab of Fat Free Yoghurt.
      In heaven i could not have got any better and my body Loved
     and processed it easily, like nothing else.

      Unfortunately the worm of doubt penetrated my Soul with the suspicion
      that Malassezia, being a yeast and yeast liking sugars, natural or otherwise
      may also love it and causing it to proliferate in my Internals,
      so i had to bust the last barrier of truth and get to know Beyond any Doubt!

      So gradually the Daily Total of

     12 Golden Bananas, 3 Avocados, 1 whole Pawpaw, 2-3 Mangoes, Cherries
     Grapes and Strawberries, was sacrificed down to eventually a meagre 

     One only meal a Day consisting of

     Only one or No Banana,  a Tiny thin slice of Pawpaw, 1/2  Avocado and Yoghurt
     The rest Two meals replace by and consisting of

1)  Mixed vegetables simmered lightly to a Soup, with 1/2 Avocado and Yoghurt
2) 1 Small Steamed Potato / or Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Zucchini etc
     with 1/2 Avocado and Yoghurt

Note here the Entire Daily Quantity was also significantly reduced!

Being the second time embarking upon this brutal experiment
this time i introduced it gradually to avoid the severe repercussions
similar to the previous one.

Still, i suffered dehydration, my mouth parched like a dry shoe, my teeth turned
yellow as if i had been a smoker form the day i was born, my kidneys faltered
with a poor output of hardly a tablespoon of urine during the entire day
despite drinking water frequently and one meal being deliberately a swimming soup.

There was a constant feeling of insatiable hunger, hellish thirst, lack of energy
inability to keep my eyes open and thinking and writing a mighty difficult task.

All this aside there was a couple of days lull by the confused Malassezia
but it is the kind of adaptable beast that run ahead of my body and got back
to its routine seeking hydrated areas – urethra and bladder included- that previously
were shunned, causing me unimaginable discomfort and pain.

It was not long before i knew that i was not only on the wrong path but the worst one
i had ever been during the three years of pursuing all sorts of near insane solutions.

This was soon confirmed by a sudden evil twist and blast in the situation
where not only the Malassezia behaviour changed to the most bizarre
but there was an Unprecedented Burst of Both Activity and Proliferation
as well as near Unstoppable Presence All over my Body
–and to make things worse... the previously Blessed Successful means
by which i was controlling all that menace, was becoming increasingly ineffective!...

The state of my body with M running frenzied all over my body day and night
drove me close to insanity, made more intense with inability to relax at any time
of day or night and significantly affecting my sleep.

In the end i was forced to having Daily Clearing Enemas but this did not stop
waves of Malassezia coming out of my internals with a crazy frequency
and at night time i ended up unable to sleep for more than two hours –and if so-
from madly jerking legs as if by electric currents... i/e severe Restless Leg Syndrome !  ...

When even Enemas combined with the Three Defenders became ineffective,
this threw me off Balance and back to near the despairing starting levels
of three years back...

How far could i stretch the “Beyond Doubt” before irreversible consequences?

I started reversing back to my original Diet again- gradually but as fast as i could.

No Need to say ... heaven’s doors started to open again, my body started to recover
and strangely and even better the ‘Three Great Defenders’ as i had started to call them
(Seawater, YAM Mix and  Acidophilus Capsules) started to increasingly be Helpful
and Effective once more!...

The steps back retracing correction are always harder and slower but i am sure
i will manage to get back to top shape re: Malassezia Minimal as was before.

               For Myself at least i can say “Beyond any Doubt”


In fact –for myself again-  i consider it as proof that Nutrient Empty Poorly Digested food
ending and clogging the Intestinal Canal contributes to the Problem
in a way i never thought i could possibly ever verify with such certainty.

This part of course i cannot declare officially as an indisputable fact
as it  may not be the sole reason but one among other unknown factors
but until such time as prove otherwise, i  feel inclined to stick to my belief.

The Three part Experiment was to be:

1- Modification of Diet  

Unfinished and aborted urgently due to unprecedented proliferation of Malassezia

2- Applying YAM Mixture on Scalp and Hair

Have not attempted yet due to sensitivity of altered temperatures causing me lung bleeds
i wish i could find a volunteer to conduct this experiment for a week or so
it can only be beneficial enriching the scalp and hair with acidophilus bacteria
and help Heal and Sooth Itching and Burning

3- Re-introduced Acidophilus Capsules in Internal Areas

 Continuing and Working Perfectly helping restoration back to near normality
  in conjunction with Application of Fresh Natural Seawater and YAM Mixture!

One Acidophilus Capsule:
Inserted in the Vagina times three daily: Morning, after a Bath and just before Retiring
One Acidophilus Capsule:
Inserted Anally in the form of micro enema using an ear syringe for convenience of
application and better hygiene.

So, back to my Life Saving Diet and no more extreme experiments my head says NO to!

                                         * * *

(2 Dec 12)

After many interruptions while trying to collate this entry,
some time has passed and i am near ecstatically happy to report
that i am almost back to previously achieved levels of control
and only a very short way to be back into complete reversal.

At this stage, having tried tested the last possible suspicious cause
and proving itself  innocent and things progressing back to previous levels of control
i will have nothing to report for a while unless something suddenly comes up.

I will keep updating the Updates 2013 Entries whenever there is something
significant to add - published only on the ‘Malassezia Yeast – My Personal Battle”

                                                      * * *