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Malassezia Yeast and High – Low Temperatures Internal / External

                                                       ( NOV 12 )

   Malassezia Yeast and High – Low Temperatures Internal / External


                               “ How Lethal makes the Devil Die? ”

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 A few weeks back i caught a nasty pack of Flu
and for three consecutive days i was Burning in Hell
reaching High Temperatures of 39.80̊ C
and uncomfortable shivers and shaking Chills

For three nights i went to bed wearing All my clothes on
and i mean a set of clothes i would wear outside during winter:

* Sleeveless Singlet + Long Sleeve Singlet + Heavy Skivvy
* Woollen Jumper + Woollen sleeveless Jumper + Woollen Jacket
* Beanie
* Windcheater with hood (on top of the Beanie)
* Long pants and socks (with the toe section cut off for a reason)

All that Under Doubled up Quilt + 2 Blankets, + Electric Blanket On
and still shivering, and shaking with Chills and Writhing as if been Tasered.

So much shock and trauma and Yet the Devil Did not Die!...
... and would not die even in hell, i m sure... :( :(

So, near 40̊ C would do Nothing to Malassezia... and that was Internal temperature!
my Entire Body was Burning! - yet Malassezia was not even taking ...its clothes off ...
It slowed down a bit and what was on the skin surface active, relocated quickly

to areas that were not heavily covered with layers of clothing i.e, my toes
and especially my lips... and making a big mess in both areas.


Photo shows big mess created by the ferocious attack during the fever episode
even though photo was taken quite a few days later - already on recovery stage

Externally i have used Hot water, near scalding, both on my head
in the shower as well as in a bath, so hot that my entire skin turned tomato red
but i cannot gauge what degree Celsius or how near or above 40 C
- i really believe it would cook a worm or a fly or a small living creature
if dipped into it for a few minutes, yet.. it had no effect whatsoever on Malassezia...
It slides quickly under the surface, deep down into the Follicles
and resurfaces a few hours later when the body has safely cooled down.

I have also tried the High setting of a hand held Hair Drier for near 10 min sessions.

Hard to tell in either case whether still able to multiply or complete its cycle
but it certainly ‘moves’ and certainly solidifies into a shard.

To Kill it, it would probably take a Lethal to the Body temperature
both internally or externally or at least externally ending up with serious skin ‘Burns’.

The opposite, and Very Successfully applies to Considerably Low external temperature
if applied for a certain period of time.


In a previous occasion i had gone down the Beach at Sunrise and walked
my highly Inflamed Malassezia attacked Foot and Toe in Winter Icy Cold Water
of approximately 18C for 10 minutes and All on it Died ... Dead!... for Ever!...
It was 6.00’ am and nothing moved in the foot area until 7.30’ in the evening!

So that’s how i know that near 40 C on my Body does Nothing to Malassezia
but dipping it for 10 mins in Icy Cold 18 C, water Definitely Does KILL!
If only i could swim in it for 10 mins i know all Malassezia externally would Die
but ... So Would I,  i guess! ...Lol!  :) :)

Then of course there would be New Batches coming anew from Inside 
and the story would go on as usual...

                                         * * *

I have managed to Totally Clear my Lips of All the recent problems
      created by applying Cocoa Butter Lip Balm on them, ie:

* Stretched /cracked lips as if covered with a thin dry plastic film
* Vertical Bleeding Cracks
* Accumulation of thick, white saliva at the edges
  and annoying herpes like sores - a problem i have never had before.

                           From this     -      To this!

                            Simply and effectively 
by wiping with a Cotton Bud dipped in Warm Water Morning,
                          Night and after Each Meal.
          as mentioned in the ‘Before-Now-How’ entry.

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