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Malassezia Yeast and Diet

                                                            ( Jan 2012 )

                   DIET Notes  from Personal Research and Observations


                                    " Is Malassezia Coming to Dinner?..."

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                         A Nutritious Diet for me is of Paramount Importance,
                             not only as a general health minded principle
            but especially considering that alongside with the Malassezia Devil
                         i am also fighting a Lethal Lung Illness (Atypical TB)

Therefore, I EAT with NUTRITION, IMMUNITY and SUSTENANCE in mind
within the perimeters and limitations of Allergies and Intolerances often imposed
by my fragmented system!

In my Two Year research so far, i have come across several articles on line, 
some claiming that certain foods such as Sugars, Mushrooms, Nuts, 
Yeast / Fermented items etc must be avoided, 
accompanied by some plausible reasons and justifications given, while others claim
 that "There is No Evidence that either Certain Foods or Diet make any difference”.

I can Neither Confirm Nor Deny– Either Side of Claims with absolute certainty

My Own very dedicated and highly Focused Observations with several diary documentations
have Not provided me with Any concrete evidence of the beyond any doubt type
for either side of the coin.

This due to the fact that Malassezia has a varying cycle of high activity versus deceptive rest.
It also –in my case- stops dead if i get sick, have fever, severe migraine or any temporary
health condition much as if it were totally gone.

                                                (June 12 addition)

(I have noticed that it usually appears to stop activity if any health symptoms involve change
 in Blood or Body Fluid Condition, Kidney Fluid Retention or Viral Infection
-often before i am aware of the problem.)

Unless there can be steady, unchanged factors established and only diet changes implemented
-and on a basis of tested one by one for some reasonable period of time- 
the result tends to be neither here nor there and can be deceptive as to what has caused it.
Adding to this, i am frequently on the move changing my methods constantly as soon as i confirm
that the devil has adapted to whatever i am doing and i am only harming or inconveniencing myself.

I have often noticed coincidences, Yes!... but not sustainable or absolutely reliable long term.


                                           Malassezia and My Daily Diet 

Generally speaking, i eat between 95- 100% RAW, UNPROCESSED Foods, 95% of the time
and a very large proportion of them are FRESH FRUITS ... bought in bulk by the carton


For Verification i have trialled short periods of time changing the Balance of Alkaline
to more Acid and less Fruit (sugar), replacing with some Nuts and Seeds,
Steamed Potato & Veggies but the only result i got was severe withdrawal symptoms
-my body starving for Raw Vitamin / Mineral / Natural Water Content-
but made no difference whatsoever to Malassezia.
This Devil leaves in dirt and sh#t ... literally!...

(OCT 12 :  Even with moderate alteration,it was still on the Alkaline side,
                   but if it was a matter of Acidity / Alkalinity

a) Many people are on highly Acidic Diets ... yet Malassezia is still present

b) On surface specimens of Acidity such as Vitamin C powder or accidental
     drop of urine present and Malassezia seems to aggregate happily in the area.

c) Inserting vitamin C in the vagina appeared to have invited more Malassezia,

  Many indication that it likes Acidity... so then ...what about a highly Alkaline diet)

Taking the liberty -out of necessity and lack of Reliable info- i am applying
my Own Reasoning and Gut Feeling as to what could possibly be helpful to Avoid.

Many years back, for several years, i used to Bake my own Homemade Bread,
during which time i experimented and observed what ... made the Baking Yeast Happy!
thus ... helping to produce absolutely terrific loaves.

I know that M/ Yeast is not the same or too closely related to the Baking yeast
-actually i don’t really know, it is what i have read and could be false as anything-
but a Yeast of a type it is, so similar ‘Family Characteristics’ are bound to exist
and from the way of its growing and behaving, i can see many common principles applying.


For example,

Here is a list of some of the ingredients and conditions that Baking Yeast likes:

* Warmth
* Moisture
* Sugar
* Soda (facilitates air bubbles and rising of loaf)
* Vinegar/Wine
* Oil (in moderate quantity regarding bread)
* Salt
* Egg ( albumin/protein)
* Gluten (protein)
and so on...

And a list of some of Identical ingredients and conditions that Malassezia Yeast likes:
(Check it out!... Just A Simple Copy /Paste of the above, proves a point!)

* Warmth
* Moisture
* Sugar
* Soda
* Vinegar/Wine
* Oil
* Salt
* (Egg) protein, hormones, ergosterol /calcium
* (Gluten) protein – (replace Gluten with ... Mucous)

Worth noting here, is that most of these elements Malassezia already gets from:

* The Body - Skin – Ears, Eyes, Vaginal and Anal areas,
  before any need for Blood which i suspect it needs for incubation rather than food.

                                       Another detail to notice is that :

            Neither SALT nor SODA or VINEGAR Kill Baker's Yeast in a Loaf
                                    But Rather Help it Grow!.....

                      What would then this tell about Malassezia???

Apart from Malassezia, there are also other types of yeast, like Candida,
which plague female Vaginas and certain foods are supposed to be avoided
so i can see how the sugar etc camp and principle, can include Malassezia
in the same category.

I am not decided -as i have already mentioned above-
because i personally don’t really know and have no way so far determining
if Malassezia feeds from the blood stream, from skin surface particles
or from Genital / Intestinal Canal substances.

I know the sugar quantity in the blood is regulated by insulin, therefore
there is always a necessary amount present, so how is this affecting
Malassezia???... constant supply no matter what one eats since all is
converted by the body into certain elements?

No explanations offer in-depth or satisfactory answers, and until then i rely
on my own continuing observations, ever ready to change where i stand
as i always prefer facts than deceptive points of convenient false security.

(OCT 12 :Proof to this is the reconstruction of this Blog and correction of many Entries)

I often get the feeling, that eating simple sugars -both of good or bad type-
may affect its growth - yet i am still not clear as to how.
My feeling is somewhat fortified by the fact of marked hyperactivity
after such consumption -even though only of the beneficial type-
but again, hyperactivity does not necessary mean proliferation
simply much like when i have fever and activity is reduced as far down
as 3-5% of normal - or lower, does not necessarily mean elimination.

I have also noticed that when i get a rash of adrenalin in my blood
Malassezia goes absolutely berserk with activity
and again this only means unsettling and activity rather than proliferation.

One fact to be considered is that 'unsettling' and induced  'activity' of Malassezia
most likely means 'Aggravation' to some existing conditions 
the appearance of symptoms not been present or obvious previously.

Going one step further, and knowing both from articles -all so far in agreement-
as well as of my own experience, that it is LiPOPHILIC i.e likes and grows in Oil,
any Excess and /or Undigested/Unprocessed by the body, Oils/Fats, Sugars
that end up in the descending colon, most likely Become Very Inviting to Malassezia!

An interesting concept for some "Restless Leg Syndrome" sufferers to consider!


(One or two 2 Ltr clean, warm water enemas can help clear both
 the ...Malassezia Restaurant as well as, some quantity of the Evil Diners!... Lol!)

Therefore My diet is 100% Oil / Fat Free - Cooked or Raw Bottled Oils
or as contained in Fatty Meats (being a Vegetarian).

My Fat supply comes from Natural sources such as Avocados, 3 per day if price allows,
and small quantity of Nuts and Seeds - Raw / Unsalted.

Sugars off all kinds are also out, including some of the rich sugar fruit variety,
which i only avoid for other reasons, i.e. insomnia, light headedness, difficulty concentrating etc.
such as: Watermelon - Pears - Apples ( and Pineapple -except occasionally.)

I allow myself to highly and without any restrain indulge to my heart's content on Mangoes


                       during their two - three month season each year.

Another Rich Sugary Category i avoid mainly due to additives and/or Sulphur Drying
is the entire range of Dried Fruits.

One Naughty exception from time to time has been the heavenly ...
(pleasurable moaning comes to mind here) ... Turkish Dry Figs, eaten with Nuts!

And to Hay with any consequences! ... as this is one of my few weaknesses, Lol!


                              ( Thats how i feel like when i eat them! )

The Fruits i consume in very large amounts, throughout the fortnight,
some bought in carton quantities, are:

Bananas - Pawpaw- Avocado- Mangoes (when available)
and small quantities of Cherries - Strawberries- and Grapes.

I also eat small amounts of Raw / Unsalted Nuts and Seeds
and take a variety of health Supplements
(which individually tested present or absent have made no difference)

All in all, as i have already mentioned above,

I Concentrate Mainly on Nutrition  and Natural / Unprocessed / Raw Foods.


(Yes, I do eat Mushrooms! - excluding them for a time also made No difference)

(OCT 12 : Since the Yoghurt addition in my diet i have not had any craving for Mushrooms
                  and have not eaten for as many months – but again no difference...)

In regards to DIET and the Malassezia Problem, as i also have mentioned above
throgh both observations and reasoning, i tend to come to the conclusion,
as often that :

* What i Eat, Perhaps Might make some Difference,
* It makes NO Difference what-so-ever No matter What i Eat


      The Jury is still out there, as far as i am concerned...

Having said that, it must be Noted that since i Never Eat
Meats, Fats, Legumes, Sweets, Chocolates, Cakes, Colas, Pastries, etc
i cannot comment on either  Positive or Negative effect of Malassezia  Activity 
or Proliferation if consuming or of cutting down.
 My gut feeling is - that many Should be Avoided and if i were eating them
they would be the first i would eliminate just on suspicion.

                                          * * *

                                       June 12

I am still experimenting, have omitted temporarily certain foods such mushroom,
figs and nuts but have not seen substantial difference enough to confirm a theory.
One new addition though has certainly made a great deal of difference:

* During the Acidophilus Experiment conducted recently
  i discovered that the Inulin, a natural occurring plant sugar 
  contained in the Capsules, gave me tremendous headaches.

   So, from the beginning of March, i started reducing both frequency
   as well as dosage of capsule administration
   but on a parallel i attempted to re-introduce Yoghurt in my diet tentatively,
   as it used to cause me strong asthma reaction and chest tightness,
   initially a teaspoon at a time, since with heaven’s luck, i discovered one yoghurt type
   that not only does not cause me the above problems but it is even soft on my kidneys
   that have always troubled me with dairies.

  The teaspoon progressed to tablespoon and before long it was increased
   to the current generous quantity of  200g - 250g x 3 Daily, one with each meal,
   of a Fat Free Beauty - many Aussies would know as:


            Each serving of 100g contains 600, 000 000 
            Probiotic ABC Acidophilus, Bifidus, Casei

                which means my Daily intake provides 
            600, 000 000 x 2 = 1,200 000 000 x 3 daily

                        equals: 3, 600 000 000 Billion.

                                               * * *