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Malassezia Yeast and Lethal Strategies - of the Past (2)

                                              ( NOV 12 )

            Malassezia Yeast and Lethal Strategies - of the Past (2)


        “Desperation often Deprives the Brain form Logical Reasoning ”

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  Malassezia Strategy - Method 4: Heat plus Pyrithione Zinc shampoo


Back then when implementing these desperate extreme experiments
my body was studded with huge , deep, itchy, burning lesions all over. 
My scalp included, Red, Itchy, Burning, Gritty and my Hair Sticky,
Thick, Comb Impenetrable, and Falling in Clamps fast.

So on one of those Intentionally Induced sweaty nights,
i decided to try another desperate trick on my head – reasoning was:
‘what do i have to lose, in a couple of days or so i will have no single hair strand left
 except for a red hot itchy lesion covered scalp’
 (desperation deprives the brain form logical reasoning as if sucking its life
  and oxygen out of it, rendering half useless for any all-around ‘normal’ thinking)

Just before bedtime i wet my hair and towel dried, then applied a generous amount
of Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo (Head & Shoulders) all over, covering the entire area ,
while working gently through and saturating entirely both scalp and hair.
I covered with a Lycra cap, then a plastic shower cap
to avoid messy dripping during the night and then put a beanie on top.
I left it overnight and rinsed in the morning.

It was surprisingly successful in that

1) It was the only treatment among many that produced many days
    of Absolutely No disturbance of burning, itching, crawling
    and additionally repelled  any invasion of new batches of Malassezia

2) It was the turning point from where i managed to gain control
    and clear most of the grit, though production has never stopped.
    The lesions healed, the hair strands have never been sticky ever since
    stopped falling and then started growing... and strong!
This was not all owed to the above treatment – Only the Initial Clearing.
The rest was achieved by adapting the knowledge and immediately implementing 
New Healthier methods practised to this day as detailed in “Before – Now – How”

There was a Hefty Price i paid for this experiment and have Never repeated since
neither will i Ever!  .. and i am thanking my lucky stars i came out -so far i know –
unscathed in the end, perhaps with some new suspicious lamps benign??? on my legs
– as mentioned in an earlier entry.  

 The elements that made this experiment a success regarding its purpose, were

                                   " Heat –Time / Duration – Quantity
       Induced Perspiration / Opening of Pores and eventual Absorption ''

                                           but also Highly  Dangerous!

(Some things are not to be used other than “ as Directed ” on packet instructions.) 

Immediately following the euphoria and relief of the quieting of traffic
and –temporary as i found out later– liberation of the beleaguered hair and scalp,
was a Brutal onset of Side Effects with a Double Edge:

Severe, Painful Crippling Arthritis All Over, Joints and Bones and Blood Clotting

Many days of Clotted Lung bleeding were the least of my trouble.

I could not walk, impossible to attempt going up a single step, excruciating even down.

Any movement came with a squeal of pain, trying to sit down was a laborious ceremony
of pain. Could not walk, let alone having any strength to carry even light items.

Day after relentless day with no Relief or perceptible improvement i was getting convinced
i would never be able to walk again and started considering alternative means of mobility
such as senior’s scooters, examining and pricing different models...

It took over 8 full weeks to eventually clear off my system still leaving me near lifeless
for many more days –my man suspecting a clot creating circulation blockage– until one day
there was a sudden Lazarus recovery, and enough memory to last for the rest of my life...

                        Since then i have learned a good lesson, i.e

               1) There Can Be Worst Trouble than Malassezia,

               2) A ‘successful’ experiment creating either 
                   a Permanently Induced Disability - or even worse
                   a Corpse at the End of it, can be rather Useless....


3) Some things are Not to be used other than “ as Directed ” on packet instructions

This is the reason i have been very sceptical and reluctant publishing anything about all this
but since this site is about informing what works, what does not and results of treatments
i think it can well serve as a good Warning of what  NOT to DO
especially since there is a milder alternative solution without such side effects,
as the modification  i made – (below):

After this experience, if occasionally things go bad temporarily,
i apply Head & Shoulders shampoo and cover with Lycra or Shower cap for 2-3 hours max,
during the day just before bath time – no heat – no perspiration.  

I avoid doing this too frequently, always reminding myself that
Any External Treatments Provide only a Temporary Effect!

I Follow Effective Daily Routine and Maintenance as detailed in “Before – Now – How”

Malassezia Strategy - Method 5: Heat Soak – Pyrithione – Zinc Nail Brush Scrub


                          This was an easier one to arrive to:

Since heat and perspiration washes GSL off the skin /and or prevents it
from sticking on to the skin, then if soaking the body into a hot bath
and then scrubbing with a dense brush and H& S Pyrithione shampoo,
should help loosen and clear what is laid on the body.

Perspiration might not be the same as water but there should be a similar effect.

And that was the Beginning and Greatest Turnaround to Significantly Reducing
and Controlling Malassezia Presence and Effect on the outside of the Body.

I replaced Showers with Hot Baths - Facecloths and Sponges with a Nail Brush,
Body wash with H& S Shampoo - and have not looked back since.

Again, as with the Idea 2, this was one main element but it would not have been as effective
on its own.  The application of Seawater externally and the addition of Yoghurt,
with high Acidophilus bacteria content Internally, have been the two side aids
that have make this daily maintenance and routine Complete and Successful.

         What remains now is finding a solution regarding the knowledge that

                         Production of Malassezia is Internal 
             Only Part of Cycle and Manifestation of Symptoms
                         take place on the outside of the body
       thus Any External Treatments provide only a Temporary Effect!

                                      I am currently working on it…

               Getting rid of GSL is of course a most important element
                of significantly reducing external Malassezia presence,
                           activity and bothersome symptoms. 

                       And for last, in the Hilarious category, one of the very first ....
     during a time when Innocence was crowned by the then complete  Ignorance

                                                    Malassezia Yeast: 

                         The Yoghurt Experience and Home Made Cottage Cheese...
                                                    ( A  good giggle!)

                                             COTTAGE CHEESE.... 


                                                In just One hour!....


                * 3 heaped Tablespoons of home made Yoghurt  (straight out of the fridge!)

                * Spread thickly on a Clean Facecloth

                * Slap on your Burning Hot Unsuspecting genitals.

                * Waddle slowly to the nearest chair and sit carefully 
                  without misplacing the cloth from the main area

                * Sit still while absorbing the shock of the sudden coldness
                * Close your weary eyes ... if you can convince yourself 


                    that  you have not... 'just done it' in your pants 

                               and try to relax for One hour...

                * Remove Facecloth carefully ...and ...Presto!....

                 You ve just got Freshly made Cottage Cheese!...

                  And if you are lucky ... hopefully some half dead, 
                  shocked and semi paralysed Legggggged creatures!

                * Ah!!!....and dont forget to do this at 4 am 
                   while it is still quiet and pitch black! ...or it wont be as much fun...

                 I have more ... lethal recipes like this but somehow 
                 i dont think many would be keen on trying them ... dont know why! ...

                 This qualifies as a first class "Please Do not Laugh...its Real"
                 theme for my personal blog ... but i think i ll give it a miss ...

                                                       * * *
               This was an email i had sent to my daughters during the initial stages
                of naive perceptions and expectations of 'helpful' home remedies
                while trying to combat -still then unidentified- one of the most 
                evil creatures on earth or what i have come to now call as 
                                            the Spawn of Hell...

                                                                                 * * *   
(NOV 12: Ironically, it has been a long, trying and costly journey 
                 and a turning around of 360 degrees 
                 back to the good old 'Home Remedies' 
                 that applying them correctly have been now producing 
                 steadily very successful results in almost all areas)
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