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Malassezia Yeast: Before and Now (1)

                                                 ( June 12 )

   Malassezia Yeast: Before – Now – How (1)

       (One of the Most Important Entries for the Benefit of the Readers)


"  Like Been Torched in Hell Alive, Without any Mercy or Reprieve! ... "

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It is Only by Comparing Now - with How my Condition was Before
that i can see clearly and appreciate the tremendous Healing
and immense Progress that  been achieved over the past 2 ½  years.

 Below i will Present:

( PART 1) :   Before and Now

BeforeHow things were Initially
Now:    Improvements and Progress made so far

( PART 2) :       How

How  a Lot of Great Recovery and Progress has been achieved, and
  How  is Malassezia Controlled and Maintained to Current Lowest levels
             (with Photos illustrating states of Before and Now: )

                                             *       *       *

                    (PART 1: Before and Now)


Head – Scalp / Hair


*  Intensely Itchy, Burning like fire, Flaky, Thickly Gritty,
   Frequent, slow healing Painful Lesions


*  Constant insect Crawling like Sensation followed by Thick Sticky Matting
*  Thinning, Dull and Falling rapidly in Big Clamps
*  Extreme Knotting, impossible to Comb Through
*  Strong, Dead cell, Ashy like Odour



*  Lesion Free and Clear
*  Only occasional, temporary itch, once or twice a day during Malassezia activity
*  Minimal, imperceptible ashy smell, usually after intense, body warm up activity


*  Matting Free - Easy, Free Combing through
*  Strong and Growing steadily, faster than i desire it
*  Only occasional, temporary feel of crawling



*  Sudden, temporary rush of Heat and Redness
   followed by Itching and Burning

*  Constantly Scarred, Crusty, with almost Deformed outer area as if chewed by mice,
   frequently covered with different stage bleeding lesions

*  Frequent, temporary, Intense Itch very deep in the canal
   as if something crawling or digging-in not accessed or relieved by cotton bud cleaning

*  Gritty accumulation behind the ear at the base of crease near the hair


*  Scar Free, Lesion Free
   Symptoms still persist but temporary, requiring constant vigilance
   and Daily maintenance, as there is no place Safe for once and for all.



*  Waking up with Swollen Red Puffy Eyelids
*  Thick eye feeling especially in the morning, as if eye lenses covered with
    thin semi-transparent Film, Obscuring Vision, like Conjunctivitis
*  Frequent irritation
*  Frequent whitish discharge (releasing gritty particles when rubbed dry within fingers)
*  Red, Itchy Swollen eyelashes, Thinning, Poor in quality and Falling Off
*  Frequent, annoying Eyelid Flatter as if something crawling underneath (something IS!)


For an entire summer i had to wear Swimming Goggles during Sleep
frequently covering the eyelids with a cotton piece impregnated with methylated spirits
below the goggles, burning like hell, in order to deter Myf damaging such sensitive area.

Often i would break down in tears as soon as i opened my eyes in the morning
and looked in the mirror finding how much cruel damage Malassezia had done
and worry people may interpret it as ‘ domestic problems’ or ‘rough handling’.

My gentle man would take a good look at me, give me a soothing cuddle
                 and then make a joke trying to cheer me up, saying:

                     “That’s how I keep ’er in line, I ‘ll tell them...” 

     and that would make me laugh for a few desperate seconds.


    I want to dedicate this to him as he has stood by my side
       patiently and helpfully throughout the entire ordeal...


* No swimming goggles anymore and been a long time ago
* No Methylated Spirit patches either
* No Falling Eyelashes – instead growing strong and fast

Still some mild irritation, only occasional momentary flatter
or a rare, small spot puffiness, but still frequent whitish discharge               



*  Constantly Red, Itchy and Burning at the edges as if having a cold
*  Frequent Painful, Bleeding Lesions on the inside of the edges
*  Sudden Catarrh often followed by itchiness and / or something crawling
    or irritating the inside and hair follicles.
*  Frequently Gritty and Crusty at the bottom of the cavities near the edges
   as if covered with dried up mucous, and Bleeding when attempting to dislodge


*  Lesion, Redness, Burning, Itch and Crust and Grit Free
   Any occasional crawling is dealt with immediate action
   without any following negative effects


Mouth - Lips

Generally speaking i had no problems whatsoever with that area at all,
other than occasionally feeling some Malassezia crawling near the edge of my lips.
The thought of it –and knowing it travels the body and where it has potentially been
or come from – disturbing me immensely, so recently when in trying to repel it away
from the area and prevent it attempting anything closer
i had a Not so good idea - to apply Cocoa Butter on my Lips.

Cocoa Butter!... greasy thing!...What on earth was i thinking!!! :( :(

      This, to my greatest regretattracted Malassezia more fiercely
           and instead of protecting my lips it started a series
of only recently occurring unpleasant effects that i am currently dealing with:

*  Stretched or Cracked Lips and as if covered with a thin dry film
*  Vertical Bleeding Cracks
*  Herpes like Sores at the edge of the lips
*  Accumulation of thick, white saliva at the edges of the mouth
   even when the inside of the mouth feels completely dry.
   ( Never – ever had this problem ever before – Ever!... :( )


*  Surface still dry and stretched (at time of reporting)
*  No more bleeding cracks
*  Herpes like sores clearing with the aid of fresh Aloe Vera  juice
*  Saliva gone! :) :) 



Generally during my swimming times my face looked parched dry

*Thick semi-greasy sticky appearance and feel after a massive Malassezia attack
  of GSL Gray Sticky Layer

* Looking and feeling Dull and Blemished

*  Frequent Pimply Bumps, some Itchy some not, filled with Pus
   some subsiding after a couple of weeks if not scratched
   others breaking open forming a Blood crust and turning Itchy at intervals
   with a sandy-gritty release if scratched.


*  Since the end of chlorinated pool water exposure,
   my natural oil complexion has been gradually restored.
   I am glad and happy to notice it does not appear to
   especially invite Myf but rather prevents it from digging holes
   with the addition and care described on How



* Intensely Itchy or Burning at times, with Reddish and Inflamed Hair Follicles
* Strong, Hot Chilly like effect – likely Malassezia corrosive releases
  (made my doctors eyes glaze when reported this one, lol!)


*Only occasional, temporary crawling sensation without any negative effects to follow

Many years of swimming in chlorine and the initial ravaging effects of Malassezia
have left this area totally hairless – good or bad- but Malassezia still an occasional
temporary passing visitor possibly when seeking moisture.



Once a very troubled area!

*  Constantly Itching and /or Crawling sensation on Entire back and Front
*  As well as Chest and especially on Nipple Follicle area
*  Persistent Pimply Bumps –usually itchy- breaking into Painful Lesions (1-2)
*  Frequent severe Rash and Burning or Itching under Breast (2)
*  Frequent  Burn Rash on Neck as well


*  Neck, Chest and under Breast areas Perfectly Clear, Lesion and Rash Free
   Only occasional, temporary crawl or itch on back


Hands and Fingers

* Itchy, Dry, Cracked skin

* Suddenly appearing Paper Cut and Scratch lines, on surface and thumbs or fingers
  causing torturing sting especially when in water

* Red, Sore, feeling Swollen, tips of fingers and around fingernails


* All Perfectly Clean and Clear, Scratch line or other symptom Free


Nails- Fingers and Toes

* Poor, Brittle Nails, Braking frequently

*  Frequently appearing Dirty as if gardening done with naked hands 
  -even if there was no work or contact with soiling materials- and very hard to clean off.

*  Scraped meticulously with a file after a bath or warm water soak
   usually released White, Sandy, Gritty Granules

* Poor, withdrawn, crooked or almost non-existent, Cuticles

* Frequent signs of Corrosion of the Nail Bed

* Reddish, Burning sensation as if been jammed or injured

Toenails much as above - also:

*  Sudden, unexplained, temporary rush of heat and redness or swelling
   with or without itchiness, as if bruised, intensifying in the evening

*  Sudden heat and /or intense pin and needle pricking and/ or burning sensation


*  All Finger Nails Perfectly Clear, Fungus Free
*  Cuticles grown back nicely.

*  All Toes  also much the same - - - (except for One...)
   (a regretful casualty of the ‘Controversial OIL Experiment’)


Pubic / Groin and Buttocks

Another heavily troubled area having caused a lot of pain, discomfort and deep despair

*  Pubic area constantly Burning and Itchy, Hair like Hot Knotted Wire
*  Labia areas Inside and Outside studded with Purple Bumps  opening to flat,
    highly Painful, Stinging like Razor Blade Cuts and Lesions
*  Inner and outer Buttock area studded with Itchy Bumps opening to Painful Lesions
   (Much as above but sensation varies slightly depending on sensitivity of skin area)
   This area constituted a long term Torture, Despair and Bitter Tears on a Daily Basis


  Despite Continuing Traffic In and Out of these areas

*  All Clear! -  Itch, Bump and Lesion Free!
*  Pubic Hair Soft and Natural – don’t even know Myf is there...
*  Buttocks Smooth and totally Bump and Lesion Free


Genital – Anal areas

*  Burning, Itchy sensation
*  Constant Crawling / Slithering sensation, In and Out,
    of both Front and Back Private areas
*  Paper Scratch lines, Purple Bumps opening to caustic burning Lesions
   as detailed above


* Finally Normal - and Burning and Itch Free!

*  Both Frequency and Quantity of Traffic either side and area
   Now Considerably Reduced!

*  “Constant” is now Reduced to between ‘Frequent’ and ‘Occasional’
     depending on Myf’s day of activity and stage of development 
     i.e day 1 quiet /day three / four, more active

*  Usually hours between any traffic either side felt  and only very light in quantity
   currently down by 80-90% allowing for fluctuations as mentioned above
   and condition of my body.


Legs and Follicles

*  Constant Crawling In and Out of Follicles sensation
*  Constantly Bumpy, Swollen reddish Hair Follicles, some Pus filled
*  Frequently breaking open and developing into Large, Deep, Painful
   slow to heal – four weeks or more – Lesions.


*  Totally Bump, Redness, Itch and Lesion Free!
*  Looking Smooth and Normal

Only occasional hovering, spider like feel when new temporary invasion
but due to daily maintenance treatments, never progresses to development



In some areas:

*  Thick, Rough and Dry or Stretched, looking and feeling Dull and Plastic like

In others areas:

*  Thick, semi-greasy caused by GSL, Grayish Sticky Layer
    depending on complexion of area and degree of Malassezia presence

* Some Discolouration patches, where skin surface been damaged


*  Smooth, hydrated, looking and feeling Normal.

   (Occasional small, quick GSL attack is dealt with immediately)

                                            * * *

                           Generally Before:

 *  Constant Crawling All over the Body from Top to Toes
     All Throughout the Day and Night 

* Excruciatingly Painful, Itchy, Burning, Deep, Slow healing Lesions

*  Frequent, Spontaneously Erupting Paper Cut or Scratch Lines
    on Different parts of the Body, especially soft vulnerable areas

*  Agony of Pain and Tears during Bath times, or Sitting Down, Getting Up,
   Urinating, Washing and Generally Constant Pain and Immense Discomfort
   at the Slightest Movement of any part of the Body.

* Sleepless nights, or Highly Disturbed Short intervals of very Shallow Sleep

* Our Every Evening and Night marred by Stifled Groaning
    and Woeful Tears of Pain and Despair

*  And finally going to Bed after a tortured and exhausting day
    to a Sleepless tortured and exhausting night, with only One feverish  wish:

   ‘Never to wake up again and have to go through another day like this’....

         Like Been Torched in Hell Alive, Without any Mercy! ...

                     Generally Now:

*  No Lesions, No Paper Cuts, No Scratch lines, No pain,

*  Only light, occasional crawl now and then

*  No Tears, No Despair

*  Bath time is a Pleasure, Relaxation and Relief and a time to look forward to

*  Our Evenings Quiet, Relaxed and Enjoyable, Reading, Sawing and watching TV
    Near Normal Bathroom intervals with the occasional vigilant extra

*  Frequent Relaxed Sleep – often straight 4-5 hours interrupted only by a full bladder

     Going to Bed there is only One wish and hope:
        To feel Reasonably Good the next Day! 

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