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Malassezia Yeast: ( Before – Now) – How (2)

                                            ( June 12 )

Malassezia Yeast: (Before – Now) - How (2)


             " Life is now a Lot Better and more Liveable "

   How is Malassezia Controlled and Maintained to Lowest levels   

                      (PART 2: HOW )

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 Scalp and Hair:

Photo 1 Shows how Clear and Healthy the Scalp looks


Photo 2 Shows Richly Recovering Hair
(On the ‘Before’ stage, when thin and falling, the scalp could be seen through the hair
 as in the photo above without separating the hair as done above deliberately)

* I Brushing Scalp with Nail Brush twice Daily
*  Wash Daily with Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo
    lather and let stand while soaking and washing body
*  Selenium  Sulphite or
*  Permethrin cream Shampoo with Butoxide
(Occasionally and only when needed if increased activity detected together with Zink P)



My pretty little Ears are now Clean - Redness and Lesions Free

*  I extend the daily shampoo lather to cover the outer area of the Ears
   and briefly All over the Face before rinsing

*  I clean the inside area with ordinary cotton tips dipped in warm water
   both in the morning upon rising and at night before retiring
   more often if required – then dry with cotton tips.

*  I clean the entire area - inside and outer area and at the back
   with a cotton wad soaked in plain clean warm water.
Infrequently and only if persistent:

*  When Itching or Crawling in the Deeper area, i fill the ear cavity with ‘Aqua Ear’ drops
    tilting the head to the side for a full three minutes – and that’s the end of Malassezia!
(During the first full minute there is no response, during the entire second minute 
  there is intense squirming and then ...Nothing!... ... ... Malassezia is Dead!...
  I wait for one more minute just to make sure  )

Eyes - Eyelashes


    Photo 1- shows Poor eyelashes, in the ‘before’ stage,
                     bottom ones almost non existent

   Photo 2- Now in healthy recovery growing strong and long

Much like the Ears, Eyes and Eyelashes require vigilance and daily maintenance

*  I Clean with a Cotton wad dipped in plain, clean, warm water
   and wipe several times a day, trying to also clean as gently and best
   as can be done, the liquid Malassezia on the surface of the eye.
   I discard the Cotton after one use  and replace with new if more needed
   for the outer eyelashes areas

*  I apply often softly warmed up Fresh Sea water
   and at night before bed time, i apply fresh Aloe Vera juice from my Veranda pots.

   Malassezia responds within a few seconds with a sudden burning itchy sensation
   to the Aloe Vera as the gel starts to dry and possibly killing what of it swims in its gel.
   It contains natural alkaloids, which i believe through repeated observations, repel MYF.
  This while wet and until it dries out – when totally dry it does not prevent
  more Malassezia attacking the area anew, but it works protectively at night

  Both Aloe Vera, as well as Natural Sea Water contain Rich Nutrients
  that feed the eyelashes and help restore their strength and health
  even if new batches of Malassezia may persistently go back.
          (Salt + water Not the same as Natural Sea Water )



        My cute little Nostrils, Now Clear and Healthy
      ... but Malassezia has left them totally hairless :(

Much like treating the Eyes and Eyelashes,

*  I clean with a Cotton wad dipped in plain, clean, warm water
   and wipe dry with a cotton stick in circular motions, several times a day.
   I also clean Nostrils thoroughly during my bath and apply Sea water after

Mouth – Lips

*  Both Morning and Night - more frequently if required
   i clean with a Cotton wad dipped in plain, clean, warm water
             the same as i do with Eyes and Ears.

*  I do so, especially after each meal


*  During bath time i extend the shampoo lathering to cover briefly the entire face
   and closed eyelids, allowing to stand briefly while rubbing off gently with nail brush
   or fingertips for any Malassezia created greasy spots, just before rinsing off

*  Where / if a Pimply Bump, i apply topically a small dub of Oil Free Neutrogena

*  At night time I use a cotton wad dipped in Sea water to wipe the face
   much the way a make-up remover is used
   and  i dub/ re-apply Natural Sea Water as if a toner or face cream

 I Never use any Commercial Facial Products

   I have a Naturally Oily Complexion and never fight it


*  I apply and Brush with Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo as on Hair and Scalp
    using a dub on a good size Nail Brush.

*  I Never use deodorants, powders or anything else...

Back – Shoulder – Chest


(Before) (1) Lesion along Spine (2) Chest Lesion (3) Burning rash under Breast 

*  I apply and Brush with Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo as on Hair and Scalp
   using a dub on a good size Nail Brush while in the bath after a good soak
*  Before going to bed i dub Sea Water wherever i can reach 

*  Should a Bump appear and /or break into a lesion
   i apply Sea water and cover with waterproof strip after a bath.

(Helps heal much faster and prevents attracting more Malassezia
  in an already inflamed area where blood is readily available)
    (Salt + water Not the same as Natural Sea Water )

Hands and Fingers

*  I daily Brush well both the inside and outside hand surfaces
   using a dub of Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo, on a good size Nail Brush when in the bath.

*  If any Scratches appear, hardly any nowadays and if so only tiny,
   i dip them in Sea water immediately after the bath and before going to bed.

   Usually healing is very quick and painless.

Nails – Fingers and Toes

Photo 1 - Shows Totally Restored Healthy Cuticles and Growing, Healthier Nails
             (The Cuticles on left and middle Fingers are covering well onto the Nails! :))
Photo 2 – Totally Clear, Healthy Foot, Toes and Nails
               (cuticles healthy but still in basic condition )

1-In the ‘Before’ stage the nails were broken/eaten up back to the edges of the nail beds
   Malassezia had invaded 80% of the Nail Beds and there were No cuticles 

2- In the ‘Before’ stage the entire top of the foot and the toes
    were covered with tiny Persistent Blistery Lesions

*  I never –in my entire whole life- have i ever cut off the Cuticles
   compelled by the female perception of beautiful appearance
   as their purpose is to Protect from Fungal Invasions and Infections
   and they are much like the Front Door of a House...

*  I scrape with a Nail file in the morning, after a bath and before bed
   more if needed, to release white, sandy, gritty granules
   that if left may eat into the Nail Bed and create a real mess, harder to treat.

*  Whenever i detect GSL -sticky gray substance under the edge of the Nail
   i dub-scrape into it some Oil free Neutrogena before bed                                                      
   and it clears within a couple of days.

Toes: If redness and swelling has not subsided by bed time and is accompanied by itching:

*  First i wrap the toe with a well impregnated cotton wad with Sea water
   wrap another dry cotton wad around the wet one
   and i seal with a plastic strip -and put a sock on- to hold in place- overnight.
   Usually totally effective no requiring any repeat or change of action

*  If still there, despite this treatment, i repeat exactly as above
   replacing Sea water with Methylated spirits to avoid any chance of settling in

*  For  pin and needle pricking, i dub some methylated spirits
   but nothing much to be done as it has already penetrated the skin
   and usually it only requires drastic action if in a couple of days
   starts to feel initially as a callous/corn which then opens up
   and develops into a pusy spot ... which will last for weeks
   unless drastic action is taken early. I keep a watchful eye.

Pubic – Groin and Buttocks

*  I wash Frequently with warm water throughout the day and as often i get up at night
    to prevent any GS Layer drying and settling in these areas

*  I do so especially each and every single time i ‘go to the bathroom’
   because Urine is acid and i have plenty of indication that Malassezia is attracted to it.

*  I also wash thoroughly after each solid ‘business’  as Malassezia resides inside
    the rectal area and is sure to accompany waste products and gas on the way out.

*  I clean thoroughly with a wad of cotton dipped in clean plain warm water
   and discard after a single use – i repeat a couple of times if needed
   or use a clean face cloth – one use only then sent to the wash.

   I consider Absolute Cleanliness as of paramount importance and a concentrated effort
   to Disturb the outer Private areas frequently and ascertain that Malassezia
   does not get a chance to spray GS Layer which facilitates its sticking on its surface

*  If appearance of Pimply, Pus Filled Bumps, if not already too advanced,
   repeated applications of Sea water prevent the opening and developing
   of painful razor blade like lesions

    If already advanced and broken it helps heal much faster
*  Dubbing liberally Sea water overnight prevents Malassezia settling there
   -if already settled it prevents its normal development
   -if already present broken bumps, offers quick painless healing

*  If a Crawling sensation is experienced that’s the time i act quickly, as described above!

                 (Salt + water Not the same as Natural Sea Water )

Genital –Anal Areas

*  I wash the entire outer area as soon as i feel any movement
    using a wad of cotton dipped in moderately hot water
    or clean face cloth – either one, for one use only.

*  I douche the vagina thoroughly with warm water
    or as has proved more effective: 
   use a wad of cotton or clean sponge dipped in clean warm water
   wiping the walls and then dry with a clean cotton ball until dry.

*  I do so every morning upon waking and every evening before retiring
   as well as sponge the vaginal walls when having a bath and dry with cotton
   when i get out. (and i enjoy many hours of tranquil peace afterwards :))

*  Fortnightly Enemas help to effectively clear the Anal /Rectal area 
   at least for a while.

*  And of course Frequent Daily Changes of Clean Underwear

   I consider Immaculate Hygiene in that area
  as of utmost and equal importance for Men as for Women,
   especially when one partner is affected
  because ... Malassezia Loves them Both and transfers from one to the other
   even if Only One experiences negative effects.

* The recent addition of three generous 250g Yogurt tabs in my daily diet,
  seems to have greatly enhanced and restored the Friendly Flora

Legs and Follicles

*  I vigorously and meticulously Brush Inch by Inch during a bath
   using a dub of Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo on a good size Nail Brush,
   allowing first a long soak to soften and expose any bumpy areas
  and render them more vulnerable to brushing off.

*  I apply Sea water immediately after the bath
   while the skin is warm and the pores are open

   (I do all of the above routinely for the Toes as well)

 As above:      
*  I Vigorously brush my entire body from top to toe and inch by inch
using a dub of Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo on a good size Nail Brush,
when i am in the bath, allowing first a long soak,
to soften and expose any bumpy areas and soften any patches of GSL,
for a more effective brushing off.

*  Any Dry areas i Hydrate with a dub of Natural Sea water    
      (Salt + water is Not the same as Natural Sea Water )

*  In the bath water i use a generous squirt of a very mild Baby Bubble Bath wash
 (only few chemicals compared instead of any fragrance and oil enriched normal ones.)

         OCT 12:  I have recently replaced Baby wash  more effective 
                         5-6 Squirts of Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo in the water.

*  Areas of Skin Discoloration i do not consider worth doing much about.
   I used to rub banana skins and seemed to work but its messy and sticky
   and now that i know a lot more than back then i can see this might be inviting
   to Malassezia, so i do not bother, having already enough daily maintenance..
   In time it all gets milder and faints and that’s fine with me

What has Changed?

*  I have Added a generous amount of Acidophilus Yoghurt in my Diet
*  I Apply Fresh Sea Water from the Beach, on Troubled or Vulnerable areas
*  I have Stopped using any harsh Chemicals allowing my Body to Recover
*  I have – out of adverse necessity– stopped swimming
     thus No more Exposure to Daily Chlorine
     allowing more Friendly Flora to Develop and Repopulate my Skin

I strongly Believe that:

*  The End of Chlorine Exposure ,
*  Near complete Reduction of Chemicals
*  Introduction of Acidophilus Bacteria (as in generous daily amounts of Yoghurt)
*  Daily Application of Mineral RichNatural Sea Water, (Not Salt + water)
*  Frequent, diligent Cleaning throughout the Day, of Sensitive, Vulnerable areas
    to make sure No GSL settles and dries on the skin, have possibly been acting 
    Synergistically, towards a Gradual Restoration of Friendly Skin Flora
    that Chlorine, Long term Antibiotics and Long term Regular Exposure to X-Rays,
    had destroyed. 

The Difference:

Before - Daily Rigorous maintenance:

*  Partially effective,
*  Often Causing Pain and Aggravation
*  Considerable Expense,
Toxic to some degree.

Now - Daily Rigorous maintenance:

*  Effective Improvement
*  Great Lasting Relief
*  Minimal Expense
*  Minimal Toxicity (if one considers shampoo to be such.)
*  Gentle to the Body– Decisively Interfering and Controlling to the Pest


                Dismally Let Down by All my Medicos
       and Left without any Access to Internal Medication

                       This One is by Far

                       *   Most Effective
                       *   Painless
                       *   Side Effect Free
                       *   Minimal Financial Cost
                       *   Gentle to the Body, method

       Compared to Anything Else i have tried before.


      The Battle is not Over yet - it is a Daily One
     but Life is now a Lot Better and more Liveable
     as long as i can maintain the current condition

                          My Tool Helpers

1 – Electric kettle installed in the Bathroom for quick, economical access of hot water
2 – Baby Bottle warmer in the bathroom for quick access of warm Seawater during the night
3 – Enema bag for effectively Clearing Malassezia from the Colon 
4 – Nail Brush mighty power
5 – Cotton Wads, Cotton Balls, Cotton Tips and ... Cotton Tails! 


   The Only Products i Use Now:

* Fat Free Acidophilus Yoghurt (addition in my Diet)
* Natural Sea water, from the Beach
* Plenty of clean, warm Tap Water!...

* Head &Shoulders (Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo)

* Selsun (Selenium Sulphite) Shampoo - (Less frequently - Only if necessary ):
* Permethrin Cream Shampoo with Butoxide - (Even less frequently Only if necessary)

Neither of the two seems to be doing anything much for more than a couple of hours
but i like to surprise and especially disturb Myf with something different now and then.

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