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Malassezia Yeast: Doctor Visits - Tests Done - Results

                                                        ( June 11 )
                               Doctor Visits - Tests Done - Results
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Four Doctors, Four Dermatologists, Several Tests, Thousands of Dollars!

                                              * ... ZERO Results!... *


                  * Overwhelming Disappointment and Frustration! * 

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                                                  25 Aug 12

Considering how far i have come through my Own endeavours
and completely Unaided by the Medical profession since my unfortunate
and unforgettable Specialist Visits Experiences,  i have been thinking that

Acknowledging –or not– the Presence of Malassezia Yeast
and then been handed a Paper about ‘Parasitophobia’
is not just Unfair and Insulting to the Patient as much as it is Indicative 
to Glaring Appalling Ignorance, Comparable to the Medieval Ages
when if one suffered a Seizure was Proclaimed as ‘Possessed by the Devil’

In the end i am Proud and Happy with the tremendous progress i have achieved
through my own efforts, so far - and the fact that this may also benefit others.

                                            * * *   * * *   * * *

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The Details...

                                                   June 11

      (Also updated below, on November 11 and  December 11 )

                   Doctor Visits * Tests Done * Results

When the suspicion from head lice progressed to the possibility of scabies
and all natural home and pharmacy remedies failed, we decided it was time,
since we both experienced similar symptoms but varying in severity
to see a Doctor for Prescription treatment.

To cut a very long and very frustrating story short i will say that
Both of us saw Two doctors together and a different Third one each
without any results and none of them having any clues whatsoever.

Several –unrelated– tests were done all returned negative.

A couple of samples sent to the Lab also returned without any findings.

We were referred to see a specialist with a near 5-6 month waiting list
even worse if elected a public hospital.

Luck had it there was a sudden opening for only one person
but due to the unfortunate and inaccurate description of my condition
on the GP's referral, which i discovered after returning home, as "pimply rash"
and distressing me highly realising it would not be taken seriously
we elected for my husband to go first.
( "pimply rash" was a more suited description of his symptoms at the time)

The Dermatologist (Nr1) assured him that there were no signs of Scabies
and "nothing of any significance" and was alluded to
"Delusional Parasitosis" without any further tests or treatment prescribed.

I still had not made an appointment and after the disappointing result
of my husband's visit i was not in a hurry to pay someone $200
to tell me that it was all in my mind, despite the presence of lesions...

Soon after and while deciding what to do, i experienced a severe attack
so we purchased an electronic digital microscope and were able to take
some close photos of the different types of lesions at the raw severity stage
especially in areas too difficult to see and rather embarrassing to present
even to a specialist.

Having now both the photos and the lesions fresh and certainly not resembling
anything like a "pimply rash" i saw the third doctor who also could not tell
what was causing all this mess he was witnessing. He sent away some tests
 -which returned negative- and he gave me a referral to see a Dermatologist (Nr 2),
marked -after my desperate pleading- as Urgent ...
which resulted in an appointment ... Three months away!

When i finally saw the Specialist, much of the appearance had improved
although there were still many Lesions healing and a number of Bumps
in various stages of development, so i thought them together with the photos
of when at their forte, and a detailed list of symptoms with my medical history
typed neatly and attached, would finally get me somewhere...

I was talked to about a 'holistic approach' which at the time i did not realise
that what it meant was... not focusing on the problem!... at all!
and neither did the meaning sink in when i was told that the crawling sensation i felt
... was due ... my Nerves! ...

I thought it was meant that the crawling sensation was affecting my nerves
- not that my nerves were causing the sensation...

Flipped upside-down faster than a copper coin...

Was this another way of alluding to "Delusional Parasitosis"?...

It sure was as i discovered during the following couple visits.

The Biopsy hopefully would prove this notion wrong (and it did.)
But this did not change the Specialist’s preconceived position.

Several Blood tests, Urine tests, Herpes 2 types tested, Genital Swab tests,
all returned either normal or negative.

The Biopsy was done on a Double Bump on my Back at its final healing stage.(1)


Unfortunately, although i presented the photo above with the details and tried
to bring attention to the fact that there were two bumps with two blood spots
(maroon dots) possibly points of entry or exit of a parasite,
the sample was not taken from either bumpy impregnated area but from the
most likely empty flat middle -just above the white hair- where there was
nothing in it...

If only a few millimeters to the left or right a creature might have been caught!...

(OCT 12 : actually it would not, as this was Not the right test prescribed
               –should have been taking scrapings, not a biopsy)                                     

Nevertheless, the Biopsy still confirmed the effect of an Arthropod bite.

Despite the above result or the presence of lesions, there was no change
in the Specialist's view that the crawling was due to my nerves
and instead of focusing on finding the "Arthropod (parasite) bite reaction"
i was suggested to have a CT brain scan!... (nice one thanks!)

Three visits, several tests, hundreds of dollars and nowhere near a complete
diagnosis, let alone treatment/cure -other than prescription of antihistamines
and antidepressants to numb the sensations- and the focus getting further
and further away from the real problem: i.e. arthropod -parasite- bite -reaction.

I was sad, disappointed and frustrated yet not trying to discredit our doctors,
they are as helpful as can be – ignorance and patient prejudice cannot be helped.

No doubt though, something, somewhere is definitely wrong within the system,
whether protocol, method, mentality, or general approach 
or i would not be still here without any resolution or proper treatment after 18 months.

I know i am not the only one going through such experience,
nor is this happening only in Australia.  There are so many other people
in other countries with similar experiences and frustration
after being treated by Doctors and especially Dermatologists:

a) Inadequately in regards to the ‘specific’ parasite problem,
b) Been alluded to ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ (its all in your mind medieval attitude)
c) Prescribed antidepressants to numb and mask the effects
    while leaving the cause untreated.

Is it really possible that both my husband and I - both developed DP simultaneously?
Or is it the easy way out for a profession that is not up to and /or does not know
how to deal with this type of problem,  other than prescribing antihistamines
and antidepressants numbing the patient's brain without curing the cause?

I could keep on sending self collected specimens to the Lab with an off chance
of anything successfully identified or having one biopsy after another
at $200 a pop and hoping that something may be caught in that small sample
of skin but then again would i be treated for curing the cause or still...for my nerves?

There was Resistance, in fact outright Refusal to try Parasite treatment
yet No hesitation prescribing medication with severe and potentially dangerous
side effects (heart attack one of them!)
without any medical tests done or proof of a neurological problem.

I am quite puzzled and sincerely have difficulty understanding the basis
of this approach which appears to be pretty much standard not only here
but in the US as well, judging by people's email communications or posts in several forums.

So here i am ...

Three Doctors, Three Dermatologist Visits, Several Tests, Hundreds of Dollars!

                                  * ... ZERO Results!... * 

Still Suffering, more Dollars and the pest Eating my Life steadily away...

(At the time this was written, the bill was still running in the hundreds,
 a recent calculation on receipts since then and excluding items
 purchased with the Groceries, is currently running well over $4000!...)


                                           ( November 11)

Having found recently the two most helpful ways to combat it on the outside
i.e Neutrogena mixed with Canesten, Clotrimazole and Head and Shoulders shampoo
i was still left with either inaccessible areas such as intestinal and Vaginal areas
and possibly uterine or even in the blood which could explain the persistence
and resistance, i resorted in trying a two week low oral dosage Itraconazole
prescribed privately by my GP but unable to prescribe for longer or stronger dosage,
i found it totally ineffective. At this stage i cannot assess if it would have worked
if longer and stronger dosage, so i accepted the recommendation to see a new
Dermatologist (Nr3) who -presumably- is the right person for the treatment.

While waiting for the appointment, i have added to the treatment list some strong
acidophilus capsules, taken orally as well as inserted in the affected areas twice daily
and a hard scrub brush for brushing body and scalp morning and evening.

                                          December 11

                                    "Parasitophobia" ... again!...

This was the professional diagnosis of the third Specialist we have seen to this point
and this diagnosis was not even the result of any tests conducted.

I was told that Malassezia -easily accepted as the possible cause of the problem-
is ubiquitous - i.e everywhere and everybody has it, including ...the professional
that was telling this - and it is a matter of my long lung problem and the low immunity
that manifests those extreme symptoms -part of it undeniably true- but no tests
were conducted to confirm the right species of fungus or possibly a different type,
and no medication was prescribed, denied categorically and initially pronounced
as ...'non-existent' for this problem, but pressed about it was subsequently changed
to ... "it would not work" and therefore was not recommended
but instead the recommendation was to see a psychotherapist to help cope
with the emotional burden that the (long lung) illness has placed on me
and make me appreciate life and bla... bla... bla... and... ‘nauseatum infinitum’....

Was also told that the lesions and dry scaly effect and all
was due to scrubbing my skin which i have only started recently
and does not explain the lesions appearing prior to that desperate method-
and the sensations felt ... due ... to my  ...nerves / anxiety ...of course!...

So, the initial by the first specialist 'Delusional Parasitosis" and the
"Strongly recommended Brain Scan and the sensations due to my nerves"
served by the second ... 'specialist', was now served again liberally at the cost
of $190 per 20 minute consultation, with a different more glamorous
-and more degrading and humiliating- name, as "Parasitophobia"...

I was given a tiny sample of Cetaphil lotion in place of the previously tiny Oatmeal one
and that was the glorious end of this highly unfortunate and regrettable visit.

I dont know if there are any lucky people living in a country
where the Diagnosis comes as a result of a Test 
and not as a Predetermined Fixated Ideology 
of a Specific Category of 'professionals?' known as " Dermatologists"
but from our repeated experience of Three different ones, 
i believe that Australia is not that kind of country.

I have fought for life and the establishment of good quality in it during my long
Lung Illness accepting its limitations as my lot and was fortunate to be treated
with respect by my Lung Specialists all throughout
but these latest experiences now have me been faced with a side of 
Cyborg like 'professional brain' programming, with an evil fixity and fixation
of the part of professional medical establishment i have dealt with
that at this point i am solemnly making a promise to myself, i will never break:

                   NEVER - - EVER- - - AGAIN - - -  FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE
It will take me a long time to recover from this last experience and wash off the poison
that has corroded my soul and mind but i hope that i will eventually get over it
buy never - ever put myself through this kind of humiliating experience again.

They cannot give me back my immunity - fair enough- this was never expected of them.
I have been fighting on my own in the area of rebuilding it.
I have only expected or hoped of them for a direct treatment to cure my problem
and in that - they have failed me dismally!
I will never again allow them to rob me of my dignity, due to their ignorance.

In the meantime ... on my own once more as i have been for a very long time...

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