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Malassezia Yeast: Hyphae – The Bloodsucking Medusas

                                                             (NOV 12)

                         Malassezia  Hyphae – The Bloodsucking Medusas 


                                     “Examined under the Microscope”

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I have seen the Malassezia Fibres/Hyphae under the Biological Microscope.

They appear in different colours, depending on the stage of development:

Red – when they may have just drawn blood
Dark Maroon – when blood is not fresh
Black or blackish maroon when hyphae are likely dead
Gray and with a dendrite appearance when dead
Gray  (light) - like fragmented empty pieces of cylindrical pipes- when disintegrating

The Fresher Newer ones such as the Red and Dark Maroon are usually attached
to the main Shard while many, i assume, older ones such as the Black and Gray
are scattered around the shards and all of them are surrounded by scattered spores.


Under Digital Microscope – lower  magnification either only the Black ones are visible
or All of them look Black.

Unfortunately, our camera cannot pick up all details of what is visible under the BM
such as the spores surrounding shards or the individual fragmented disintegrated hyphae.

Below is one of the successful photos – where many just developing unfolding hyphae


are Undoubtedly Visibly Red among many of Grayish and Maroon variations still attached.

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