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Malassezia Yeast: Important Things to Know

                                                  ( June 12 )

                  Malassezia Yeast: Important Things to Know


          There is No Place Malassezia Cannot or Will Not Go 

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-It is Highly Responsive - but Not Affected - to the slightest Temperature Fluctuations
 either side of the scale of Hot or Cold and retreating quickly into Internal areas
 while in the Liquid stage of its development.

-It is also Highly Responsive to Bright Light.
 Retreating quickly into Internal areas while in the Liquid stage of its development
or down deep into the hair follicles, often causing a shivery reaction.
 Prefers Dark or semi Dark, indoors environment.

-It usually Resides and is Attracted to areas where there is:

* Moisture
   (Eyes, Eye Lashes, Nostrils, around Edges of Lips, Underarms especially during Perspiration
    Under fold of the Breasts, Vagina, Vulva, Tip of Penis, Anal ring )

Warmth (+ Moisture)
   (Inner and Outer Pubic area, Vagina, Vulva, Penis, Scrotum, Inside Upper thighs)

*Grease / Fat / Wax / Oil
  (Hair and Scalp, Ears, Back, some Facial areas)

* Hair Follicles
   (Scalp, Ears, Nostrils, Pubic area, Legs, General Body Hair Follicles)

* Mucous/ Moisture, possibly Hormonal /presence / Discharge 1*
   (Eyes, Nose - Inner & Outer Male / Female Genitals )

* Inside the Anal Rectal Canal
   (especially when haemorrhoids present - but even if not)

* Inflammation and / or  Blood when easily accessible/near the surface
   (haemorrhoids, fresh bruises, bleeding wounds etc even its own lesions)

* Dry, Oil Free areas
  (Some Facial areas, Neck, Chest, Buttocks, Legs, Feet)

* Under Finger and Toe Nails
   (Practically always there, even if they never cause a deeper problem)

    In Fact There is No Place where Malassezia Cannot or Will Not Go

   The Entire Body is its Kingdom like the Dough containing All the right Ingredients
   for its Growth and Proliferation, and Only a strong Healthy Immune System
   can keep it in check.

   My observations indicate that it originates/it is created in the Internal Private areas, 
   and more likely in the Uterus rather than just Vagina and Rectal / Intestinal areas.


* During the initial stages of growth it does not create any substantial problems
   usually quick and imperceptible in some areas and as far as i know, never in some, 1*

   until it progresses to a more mature stage of development
   (Its Development cycle is approximately 3-1/2 – 4 Days but Lesions 4 weeks)
   For example during the liquid stage it is not visible or felt on the fingers
   nor in the eyes, other than as mucous discharge2*

* As it develops,

   It picks different areas as mentioned above, and at some stage
   appears to spray the selected surface  with a Grayish Sticky Layer
   where a quick burning sensation is briefly felt followed by either eruptions
   of Paper Cut Scratch Lines or Lumpy, Itchy, Bumps,
   gradually changing and becoming more Itchy, Burning and Painful
   then usually braking open into Lesions lasting approximately four weeks. 3*


                         Malassezia Lesion on Chest


                    Paper Cut Scratch line on Fingers / Thumb    

  Not All areas where it settled during its initial quiet stage/s are affected simultaneously

   Different people experience the problem concentrated in different, specific areas
   while many may or may not be aware of any Malassezia presence in any of the areas.

   I am guessing that the concentrated manifestation of the problem in certain areas
   is due to different skin susceptibilities and degree or lack of body /chemical defence
  combined with the presence of Malassezia favouring elements such as mentioned above.
   I am sure many are familiar with using some substances that seem to produce
   some temporary results, yet the problem persists and in many cases after the initial
   apparent success the problem seems to get worse – usually if the user has been
   convinced as myself have been repeatedly - to use some kind of ‘helpful’ Oil!
   The first case of the temporary success is due to the fact that Malassezia
   has been treated only topically- one not being aware that it is practically everywhere, 
   spores and all!- and naturally it appears to return, though it has always been there,
   or chooses a different spot and the story starts all over... same or different substances, etc.

   I believe that unless a substance is applied that can kill it immediately on the spot,
   it simply relocates!  ... and even if a treatment kills what is topically in that particular spot
   ...there is always a lot more in other areas developing by the tick of the clock.

  The second case is simply that apart from, as mentioned above, it has been provided
  with OIL which is the perfect element for its growth... without any need or effort of its own. 4*
  Notes on above references:
 1- Such as the internal part of the Eye, depth of Nasal cavity or depth of Ear

 2- When discharge rubbed between finger and thumb until it dries it feels gritty
        revealing Malassezia spore? presence

 3- On Fingers and some other areas develops to Spontaneous Paper Cut like lines

 4- I tried do the same myself,- provide it with the right environment i.e. Oil
        so that it might - perhaps!- stop digging into my flesh creating the lesion havoc.
        Unfortunately it turned out to be a very Painful and Ugly story!

           My Personal View is:

    1)  In regards to using Oils as a treatment:  

         Considering that
        " Labs use OIL as a medium to ‘Facilitate its Growth’ in order to Diagnose its Presence"
         i am not prepared to use any oil direct or as contained in any other preparation  
         Taken internally, i still maintain, it highly depends on the individual's body's ability
         to process it effectively so it does not end up in the most proliferate colon area
         where it can become MYF's 'Lucky Haven! and the Individual's 'Unfortunate Hell'    

    2) That unless Internal medication, of sufficient time and dosage is administered
         or there is a dramatic change in the individual’s immunity for the better
         the results, no matter what substance used and how effective might be,
         so far as i know, can only be temporary.

         I am Not endorsing internal medication and i am personally very cautious in taking
         anything internally – i am merely illustrating and stressing the point that unless
         Malassezia is affected Both Internally as well as Externally
         any external topical positive result can Only be Temporary.

     3)  Malassezia grows Constantly and it is practically Present Everywhere
         on the Surface of Body and Specific –as far as i can tell- Internal and External areas
         but most people become aware of its presence only during times of focal points
         of ‘Casualties’ caused by it at certain stages of its development,
         while totally unaware of the  whole picture which is way bigger than the obvious topical.

         This Google Photo Below shows a Plethora of spores invisible to the naked eye.


        I have seen them in all our samples too - so many in just a tiny sample,
       which makes me wonder what a tremendous number of them
        there can be scattered all over the body.
        (not visible on our photos due to the camera’s insufficient strength)

                        A good comparison to help see the Big Picture:

       Just 1 medium-small size Acidophilus capsule contains approximately
                                        25 Billion Bacteria
                                  and that includes the Inulin
                     (plant derived sugar serving as their feed)
                                      All in 1 small capsule!
How many Times ( x ) Billions? of Malassezia spores in comparison
               can be Deposited  and Scattered All over the Body?...

                                                            * * *

 4) In regards to Topical and Visual:

Acting immediately at the earliest sign of Malassezia presence
or commencement of activity, in the correct way, and very simple it may be
 -no need for drastic measures- it considerably increases the chances
of interrupting it entering the next stage of is development and completing it.

It may also affect to some degree its ability of returning in the internal areas
which it does with a compelling propensity and kamikaze determination
when its times comes to return and where, of course, it becomes inaccessible
and undisturbed to continue and prolong its existence.

                5)  Most Important to Understand and Remember:

             Lack of Awareness of Malassezia ‘s General Presence
     - in many More Areas than the Obvious ones where problems manifest- 
             Especially the Internal ones - in Both Men and Women-
 where Malassezia Originates and Constitute the ‘Production Factories’
                   can be Dangerously and Disappointingly Deceptive
      when it comes to Effectiveness of Treatments and Lasting Success.

                                                             * * *

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