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Malassezia Yeast: More Recent Treatments and Results

                                                        ( June 11 )
                     Malassezia: More Recent Treatments and Results


                              " Anything the Body Can Withstand!... "

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                     Malassezia: More Recent Treatments and Results

(Treatments i used, before Identification of the Cause or Knowledge of its Behaviour)

* Baths (with Pool Salt, Bicarbonate Soda, Laundry powder, Peroxide and Green Tea)
* Aloe Vera Fresh Plant Juice (from my pot)
* Mycil
* Clotrimazol
* Miconazole
* Selsun
* Nizoral
* Aqua Ear
* Methyl 2- Peroxide1- Water1- mix
* Peroxide (small areas)
* Zinc Oxide (small areas)
* Comfrey Ointment (small areas)
* And the Best, worth gold: a TENSE Massager!

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Details and Comments:

(As entered Back then as well as Current  for fairer Reader Understanding)

I have two 1 hour hot Baths a day, one early morning and one in the evening.

I add in the water a mixture of:

* Pool Salt .................... 4 cups (Natural Sea Salt - chemical free) daily x 2
* Bicarbonate Soda ...... 1 heaped Tbs (or 1 laundry scoop) daily x 2
* Laundry powder ......... 1 laundry scoop
* Peroxide 6%................ 250ml twice a week / evening bath
* Iodine ......................... 1 laundry scoop twice a week (morning or evening)
* Green Tea ................... infusion of approx 6-8 used bags when available

   (OCT 12 : I so regret this!... but i did not know any better back then...)

The Baths are refreshing, the Salt helps heal lesions and scars,
the Laundry pdr breaks down the sticky substance, eggs? debris, dead skin etc.
the Peroxide, to kill germs and possibly some Malassezia Yeast and any other bacteria
or fungi, and the Green tea i add to be honest only because my head is telling me to do so...
it contains tannins and other good elements and although i cannot verify
if it is effective in any way, since i have not detected any detrimental effects
such as increased activity, i just do it anyway.

I have included in the past Iron tablets, Spirulina, natural Coral Calcium,
multi Minerals, and even some B vitamins ... all the while wondering
if this was literally money ...down the (bath) drain!...
I would still continue to add them but i cannot afford it financially anymore...

(OCT 12 : thank god!... it was so stupid and detrimental as i discovered later on)

Since the successful identification of at least one major part of my problem
as Malassezia Yeast  i have started using:

* Mycil--> (Tolnafate 10mg/Chlorhexidine hydrochloride 2.5mg/g)
-Several times daily on pubic/genital area,
-morning and night on toes and nightly on scalp

* Canesten Athlets Foot Cream (Clotrimazol 10mg/g)
-Once a day mostly on affected or frequented areas
-(after morning or evening bath)
(OCT 12 : another ineffectual, financially draining mistake!)

* Daktarin (Miconazole nitrate 20mg/g with benzoic acid (plus)
-Once a day ( after morning or evening bath) alternating with Clotrimazol
-if one in the morning, the other in the evening.

(OCT 12: My impression back then was that Daktarin worked better than Clotrimazol
                 but way more dear. I do not use any of them  now due to the recent discovery 
                 of their after - effect of inviting more Malassezia back ) 


                                12 November 11

I have recently added to the treatment list, strong acidophilus capsules
orally as well as inserted in the affected areas twice daily
and a dense hard kitchen scrub brush for brushing the scalp morning and evening.

( OCT 12: Finally something that worked and still to date!  )


For Viewers Convenience i have added below the complete entry of
list of methods, quantities and comments using the substances above
from the Original  SONATA'S BLOG ; 

Mycil has totally cleared pubic genital area from bumps and lesions
but new crawlers and yeast still try, so i keep applying* it several times daily.

(OCT 12:  ...and to the rest of eternity had i not discovered why there was
                    a perpetual round and round in circles.)

Canesten and Daktarin, both shown to be effective in steadily clearing
the Malassezia yeast - but not the Other creature.

(OCT 12: The ‘Other Creature’ as discovered later, actually was Malassezia
                  in different stages, totally unaffected by the treatment ...)

Swimming in the Sea during summer gave my Mediterranean skin a deep
chocolaty tan and when initially noticed some distinct whitish patches
i thought it was my tan fading but then i realised by the size, shape and speed
of appearing that they are yeast discolourations which
-as it appears?- takes place when the Malassezia affected skin cells are dying?

I have also started to see in most of the affected areas the hardened, wrinkled,
dry, scaly skin, falling away and new patches of my previously
silky smooth skin appearing again!... most of the damage gone.
I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to see my skin is still alive!
                         (OCT 12: Yes, Good old SEA!...)

Antifungal shampoo
*Nizoral (ketonazole 2%) - - - Twice a week
*Selsun (Selenium/Sulfur) - Twice a week
*Head & Shoulders (Pyrithione Zinc) Shampoo/Conditioner Twice a week

(Daily wash with normal shampoo with small amount of Nizoral and H&S added )
   (OCT 12: I have discontinued Nizoral, i only use Pyrithione Zinc now 
                    and the rest only occasionally when needed) 


Nizoral and Selsun: At this point i can neither confirm nor deny their effectiveness.
It appears after use there is some quiet time ... followed by fierce activity
i do not know how to interpret. (OCT12: I Do know Now!...)

In my eighteen months long journey i have learned not to rely on first appearances
and not interpret them using human logic of human behaviour but rather observe
patterns and learn the behaviour of the parasite rather than try to fit it inside what
seems logical. For example, it could be that they are quiet because they are
initially stunned and then start to run for their lives... and may eventually die
without me able to detect. It may be that one dies and the other runs for its life
also without detectable end or it might be one dies and the other one finds
an element in the ingredients that makes it active, 
or it likes it and returns when froth and water has well dried...

If / when i am sure of what exactly happens i will update this section.

(OCT 12: Bar the na├»ve perception of the ‘two creatures’ till the puzzle pieces
                 finally came together, this was a pretty good intuitive interpretation of the result)

Head& Shoulders i had bought this some time back on an impulse
because my head told me to and by now i can confirm that it keeps head clear
and quiet for many hours but does not deter new hatchlings
-which i believe are taking place from already laid eggs deep inside
the follicles in the scalp.
               (OCT12: Another good intuitive interpretation, move and result!)

I use very hot water for this, as hot as i can stand, trying to damage them.
Not sure how successful, seems to work... yet again...
                (OCT 12: It was very wise to be Sceptical!...)

*Aqua Ear (isopropyl alcohol 643 mg /acetic acid glacial 17.3 mg) for ears
*Methylated spirits  2parts- Peroxide1part- Water1part- mix
*Peroxide (small areas if something tries to settle in an area i.e. foot, toe, buttock)
*Zinc Oxide (small areas i.e lesions when needed)
*Comfrey ointment (small areas i.e lesions when needed)

(OCT 12: Comfrey Ointment as ALL Ointments... a Big No-No!...
                 Peroxide -if Malassezia has settled- likely to create long painful mess 
                 caused by the release of its corrosive chemicals as it dies)


Aqua Ear is one of the three and the most successful killers.
A few drops make it squirm for 2 minutes and then ... dead!...
provided it is immersed in the drops. (OCT 12: Still stands true)

Methyl 2 parts- Peroxide1part- Water1part- mix i use it successfully to stop,
deter and hopefully damage anything trying to settle in a larger area,
such as belly, buttocks, legs, back etc.
Mixed like this stops the activity without the peroxide agony.

Peroxide only in very small areas to avoid excruciating pain.
It kills but may need several on the spot applications
and when successful it leaves a Big Painful Mess that takes time to heal
(OCT 12: and attracts more in the area due to readily available blood and inflammation.)

Zinc Oxide I discovered recently and was good in keeping Malassezia away,
relieves itching and heals quickly newly formed lesions but not old deep ones.
Not sure it keeps away one of the two, i suspect one likes it??? not confirmed.
(OCT 12:  Yep!... one ...which is the same one, i.e .Malasseziadoes like it!
as it contains a base of Peanut Oil and Malassezia Loves and Thrives in Oil! )

Comfrey ointment also used recently on lesions and the same as above.
The skin Loves it ... but also do both M Yeast as well as (IF) ...Demodex...

(OCT 12: Again accurate observation... when will i STOP using OILY Ointments???
Soon...but after i paid a huge price and finally woke up to what i was seeing all along)

*And the Best, worth gold: A TENS Machine!
(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

I had bought this machine some eight years back and i consider it
as one of the most useful tools and best investment for health ever
- in my personal life and circumstances.

I have used it for my Lungs, Muscles, Migraines, Fluid Retention, Strains,
Bruises, Circulation and many more, night after night while watching TV.

Since the outbreak of the pests i was forced to cut down on its use fearing
that the gel of the pads that stick on the skin may invite the 'devil' to dig in
and create lesions.

(OCT12: Another excellent observation  and the only drawback of this machine
                 in treating Malassezia, as i correctly assessed or feared back then, 
                 loves the Sticky Gel! and invites more back)

Below is the model i purchased -on eBay- and cannot live without.


(Photo from manufacturer's site - other models & brands available on eBay )

This Blog is Not and will never be Affiliated or Promote any Business or Products
non-specifically related to (Malassezia) treatment, so i will refrain from disclosing
details of brand, model or purchase place, but they can be found on eBay
as well as a variety of other brands, some battery and some electricity operated.
Anyone interested in this particular one may contact me by email.

Anyway, my logic and theory of trialling it as a weapon for cure was that
if an electric current like this can jerk my entire leg involuntarily a couple of inches
above the surface of its resting place, what will it do to an infinitesimally small creature
if hit full strength by such strong current for a 15-20 minute session?

(OCT 12: A lot has been deleted regarding the Tens Machine due to the antagonistic
                effects of positive lethal vibration versus alluring gluey invitation for proliferation.
                Not recommend it for Malassezia treatment but all else stands as above 
                for the rest of its uses.
                If needed to be used –as frequently in my case- then i brush clean thoroughly
                and rinse  the skin areas where the pads were placed with undiluted
                Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo .) 

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