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Malassezia and Insomnia

6 Dec 12

                                   Malassezia and Insomnia


                                     ‘ Breaking the Cycle ’

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After once more compromising the near perfect condition i had achieved
so i could verify ‘beyond any doubt’ that my excessive Fruit consumption
was not contributing to internal Malassezia production, i was faced with
many repercussions not the least a frenzy of Malassezia internal Proliferation
-now again under control- and near total lack of sleep making day and night
an exhausting continuum with nowhere to settle and relax adequately
for just a short period of time.

We’ d go to bed at an early 9 pm and i would be up by 10.30’
feeling pestered and bothered with a strong urge to ‘get up and Go...Do ...Run!’
or kept awake until 10-30 - 11 pm then dose again exhausted till 12.30 -1 am
and have to call it a night... with time stretching to a torturous infinity till morning
and the clock appearing broken or under an evil spell.

From bed - to chair- to couch and back again in several gyrations
none feeling comfortable enough to allow recapturing some sleep
and legs jerking madly like having a life of their own
Restless Leg Syndrome through Malassezia concentration in the Anal Canal
while more itching and crawling on the outside.
No way for a tortured Body to relax - and no sleep even if the eyelids could not stay open.


It is not surprising of course, Malassezia is a Live Constantly Active creature
that its effects are evil and strongly felt by the Body even if  we do not feel
much in a distinct way.

Many people are totally unaware of Malassezia’ s existence on their body
they only know of some seemingly isolated symptoms such as
Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Itchiness etc.

A parallel is one undergoing a Bypass Operation under heavy sedation;
the brain is asleep the anaesthetic blocking pain messages.
The patient does not feel anything but the body Does!...
 it Knows it is going through severe trauma!

Something similar in a lesser degree with Malassezia ’s  malevolent effect
– the brain may be asleep but the body Knows and feels what is happening to it
and finally its discomfort becomes an alerting signal that wakes up the brain
and interrupts sleep even if ending up neither fully asleep nor fully awake
but certainly bothered and disoriented as to the different signals of directives
i.e “i m dying for some Sleep!... but something jerks me wide awake
and my body wants to Run!... Go!...Move!... Do Something...

And the Something is ... ‘Kill Malassezia!’  

Finally after enough torture i went back to a remedy that had worked well before
i.e. increased the Daily Dosage of the B Complex vitamins
and especially the B3 Niacinamide ones.

In addition to this i insert 1 Acidophilus capsule in the Vagina just before bed time
and 1 Acidophilus capsule Anally in a micro-enema form, using an ear syringe
so that both areas deter / interrupt Malassezia for at least some time.

This does nothing to kill Malassezia but it sure lessens its maniacal frenzy
and the resulting insomnia severity.

The result has been a very satisfying 4 solid hours sleep
- bathroom call- returning for another 2 solid hours sleep
- another bathroom call- and another 1 hour to 1 1/2 sleep
totalling a good 6 to 7 1/2 hours sleep but more unbelievable,
i wake up slowly giving my body a few minutes to adapt to waking stage
instead of getting up in a frantic urge as if Fire Ants are biting my flesh!...

The effect is a mild sense of tranquillity throughout the day as well
and with the Diet restored near 80% to my previous daily normal consumption
and the entire routine implemented as before i,e:

Application of Seawater and /or Yam Mix – i do both routinely now!
and the addition of Acidophilus Capsules as described above
Vaginally x 3 Daily  and Anally 1 before bedtime
the levels of Internal Production have drastically decreased
and external protection with the above has Restored Balance
in all areas and to Levels achieved before.

One more area with Noticeable Recovery
after reversal to my Normal Live Diet, is Mouth and Teeth:

Mouth hydrated not parched, and
Teeth back to bright moist white
- thick brown cigarette tar effect has vanished!

To Recap the treatment and means of Back to Sanity:


* Back to a Hydrating Fresh Fruit and Veggies Diet

* Acidophilus Yoghurt with Meals

* Acidophilus Capsules Vaginally x 3 Daily  and Anally 1


* Seawater and /or Yam Mix

For Sleep:

Increased the Daily Dosage of B Complex vitamins
and especially the B3 Niacinamide ones.

Strong B Complex Formula 4 daily with meals (one at bed time)

B3 Niacinamide 3 – 4 daily (one at bed time) total intake 1500 – 2000 mg