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Malassezia Yeast: Symptoms and Effects (PT 2)

                                                        (June 2012 )

                       Malassezia Yeast: Symptoms and Effects (PT 2)
                                      Viewed with Digital Microscope             


       "How it Looks like during different Stages and Effects on the Body"

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Malassezia Yeast: Symptoms and effects on Body - Photos and Comments 

( Part 2: What it Looks like during different Stages and Effects on the Body )

                                 Malassezia Liquid Stage on Fingertip       


Orange arrows: Liquid stage MYF on surface of Fingertip
Blue arrow: Semi-liquid MYF blob collected from edge of the Eye
Green arrows: Reflection of Digital Microscope’s lights

We were trying to examine the semiliquid blob collected from the edge of the eye
–indicated in blue- but there was an unseen, invisible to the naked eye, discovery
and surprise:
The transparent liquid stage of MYF on the fingertip,
changing shapes, separating, regrouping, ducking temporarily under the skin
been disturbed by the microscope light, resurfacing and constantly
changing shapes and then finally disappearing under the skin.

The eye blob had no visible movement, but when rubbed between finger and thumb
until it totally dried, it surprised with a suddenly felt gritty, sandy residue,
also invisible to the naked eye.

I am guessing that, the gritty, sandy part is a spore one or two stages of development later
and ready to separate from the semi-liquid discharge and start digging into the flesh
for blood in whichever area it chooses, whether eyelash bed, face etc.

Below an example of what the Liquid Malassezia on the fingertips does, 
if given a chance to mature to a next stage or two:

                  Malassezia Paper Cut / Scratch lines on the fingertip...

Visible to the naked eye and unless seen under the microscope, easily mistaken
for accidental scratches or cracks due to winter/ cold/ water/ soap, drying skin etc. 
Initially hurting when exposed to water.

                           Malassezia  Grayish Sticky Layer under Finger Nail



Often Visible to the naked eye and easily mistaken as dirt...
except ...if one does not do gardening, use motor oils or any tools
doing only clean office work, washing their hands thoroughly
-maniacally in my husband’s case- and uses soap and disinfectant
yet ...the ‘dirt’ remains stuck and nothing can remove it
but repeated Neutrogena applications eventually.

It appears suddenly, any time of day or night and not related to any manual activity.
More often, like in this case of the above photo, it is invisible to the naked eye
and the fingernails look white and immaculately clean until... they are viewed
under the microscope!

In the case above we were examining the round mark, circled in blue,
visible in the third picture, assumed done by ‘the creature’
as it had not yet been identified as Malassezia and were surprised...
that not only the round mark but the entire fingernail had been sprayed
with the grayish sticky layer, despite its immaculately clean look.

                                                * * *
                   Malassezia Stages in the Eye / Eye brows


Before the identification of Malassezia as being the problem,
we were trying to catch a possible site of a Demodex  in motion
-as i believed it to be back then- with the use of the Digital Microscope
What appear to be visible, yet impossible to confirm, other than comparing
with many photos taken later on under the Biological Microscope
are two different stages of Malassezia and one possible lonely Demodex.

Orange arrows: Indicating the upper inner part of the eye, possibly filled with
Liquid Stage Malassezia, visible to the naked eye appearing as normal eye liquid
yet slightly thicker and creating a thin film that obscures the vision
as if the eye is covered with a very thin transparent plastic layer.

Blue circles: Indicate possible Malassezia shards in the crystalline stage
sitting on the eye lashes -possibly having progressed from the liquid
to the semi-liquid then to the white crystalline shard form?       
Red circle: Possibly a lonely Demodex???

Yellow arrow and symmetrical circles: Reflection of Digital Microscope’s lights

Close observation shows that some eyelash follicles closer to the eye,
appear rather bumpy / impregnated.

                         Malassezia Massive Cluster attack under Left Breast

                              The entire area felt like a Severe Skin Burn. 
             Painful and itchy especially when the fluid filled bubbles opened
                                  and released its highly caustic liquid.

                                                         * * *
               Dark Purple Bumps on Private area (Labia Majora)

At this stage as it appears in the photo it is a highly itchy, burning,
compact, closed bump but as it progresses it brakes open
and becomes way more painful, itchy and sharp like a razor blade
and washing the area, even just having a shower in plain warm water
causes excruciating pain, biting of lips and tears to the eye.
Applying any substance, such as Methylated spirits, Soda, Salt etc
-and Never ever Peroxide!- it takes pain to another level!

It takes approximately four weeks to complete its cycle 
but while open and vulnerable with readily available blood
it attracts more n that area.

Prevention of settling into a bump is the best solution saving from a lot of pain
but action must be immediate upon the slightest sign of:

Stage 1 of its endeavour to settle:

1) Burning, Tickling or Crawling sensation in that area (Penis for men or Labia for ladies)

Stage 2 of its endeavour to settle:

2) Pricking or Digging-in sensation (more difficult to stop it as very persistent)   

Rub and scrub with face cloth or cotton wad with warm water
with intention to interrupt attempt and hopefully wash off freshly laid GSL and dislodge shard
but if it has already made progress it ends up in a painful mess due to release of corrosive    

If shard dislodged, sensation will cease, but if it returns a few minutes later
means it is still there and will try several times (takes approximately 20 minutes to settle)

In this case apply directly on the area Zinc Pyrithione shampoo,
leave on for a couple of minutes and then scrub off with warm water on cotton/face cloth etc.

Many are surprises discovered in the morning since Malassezia works uninterrupted
while we are asleep – then it is too late but for relieving uncomfortable symptoms
and healing faster see later entries about Seawater (for healing and prevention).                

                    When it breaks opens, it looks similar to this

                       Malassezia Progressed / Opened  Lesion.

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