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    29 Jan 13

    Hello A  

    I can understand your frustration with Doctors and Dermatologists.
    Nearly every person that contacts me with questions or comments
    about Malassezia Yeast mentions having been through a similar experience.

    Unfortunately one cannot go very far with them.

    Considering that even if you did do tests and one of the Medics
    was willing to prescribe medication

    1) it would take quite some time to achieve results
    2) even so, the cure would only be temporary as yeast returns
         a fact reported both in Medical articles
         as well as some of my Readers who were temporarily lucky
         to find medical co-operation and treatment

    Therefore i would suggest the best way to go about it is:

    Conduct your Own Research
    Find what Best and most Effectively works for You
    and from there observe very carefully
    what can Improve your condition.

    Despite many commercial promotions and claims
    trying to profiteer from all sorts of unsuitable
    for Malassezia products there are Not really
    any Quick fix solutions.

    To avoid a lot of inconvenience, expense and pain
    read as much as possible in my blog to help you build
    a realistic understanding of what you are dealing with
    and what is the best way to learn to control the level
    of Malassezia presence and activity.

    My Own experiences with Doctor /Specialist Visits and Tests
    is described in detail in the Entry:

    For convenience, at the end of each entry i have included links
    of entries in sequence of what comes Before or After the entry
    one is reading, so that the reader can access them in order
    for a better follow up and understanding.

    Hope this helps

    Wishing you Best of Luck and Strength!

    Kind regards

    * * *

    20 Jan 13

    AS: you so much for posting your (well-detailed) story.
    I have nearly identical symptoms as you (for over 2 years now).
    It is 2:30 am and I can't sleep because of the sensations.
    Again, thank you for all your time & effort. I don't feel alone now


    Hello AS,
    Thank you for kind words! It is so good to know, as i have put a lot of time
    and work in there hoping to reach and help other people and minimise
    their suffering.

    Yours is the Best and most Kind comment i have ever Received!
    Usually people are anxious for quick solutions and no time or thought
    for niceties, lol! but i know what it is like and i understand
    so i am grateful for once to hear all good words
    without challenging ... or interrogating questions, lol! Thanks!

    I know the 2:30 am story, but i have found a way to get me through
    to 5-6 hours sleep- as i have just replied to two other desperate readers:

    I achieve the same effect by taking
    1 B Complex Vitamin
    2 Niacinamide 500mg
    at night time and i sleep for 5-6 straight hours
    but then i have to stop for one or two nights and start again.
    I sleep but the yeast still works during the night.

    I have now reached the best possible state i have ever been
    with balancing my diet, taking the vitamins as above at bedtime
    and applying Fresh Sea Water and YAM Mixture.

    I wish you good luck and hope you find something
    in my Blog to help you feel better.
    I will be happy to answer if you have any questions
    after you have been through most entries.


    Hi Sonata,
       You're welcome. On another quest to research these gruelling symptoms that I found your blog. I was so captivated by the nearly identical symptoms and stories that I read the entire blog within a couple of hours. 
    This is a rare occasion where I can say, "I honestly know how you feel" and truly mean every single word.  It must say, I kind of feel a little more inner peace knowing that I am not alone.  I haven't told anyone (other than you)  how I feel these horrific "sensations".   
    It is embarrassing and many people associate issues like this with people who are unclean or have hygiene issues.  At a normal routine check-up, I vaguely described the symptoms to my Doctor and I showed him the marks (hard scabbed lesions with the two dots) on my upper arms. My concerns were dismissed with a simple diagnosis of "acne" and it was not scabies or Lyme disease and  "these things can sometimes stem from our way of thinking". 
    I also use the zinc shampoo and salicylic soap.  I've been using a homemade body scrub I concocted out of sheer desperation and it has been helping
    (my husband/kids are so confused as to why I've been on a kick making all these homemade products lol!).  I am afraid to get my hopes up because 
    I know how crushing it is to regress and feel like your back at where you started.  So, I will say that I feel "optimistic" with the results thus far.  
    There is no set "recipe" - I just looked for individual ingredients
    that COULD possibly provide some type of relief. 

    In a squeezable bottle with a larger lid I use some DAWN dish soap
     - 1/4 cup(ish) - dissolves oil on skin, a couple cups of baking soda
    - for volume and grit, some sea salt (maybe 1/2 cup?), a few tablespoons
    (I use more :D) of cayenne pepper (it doesn't burn my skin - I'm careful around certain "areas" and obviously my face), cinnamon,  I had some leftover grapefruit rind so I dried it out, ground it up and added it to the scrub.  It makes a huge mess from the color, but so far it has been worth it.
    I apply it in the shower with a wash cloth while my hair is soaking in the zinc shampoo.  When I am all done rinsing off the scrub, I use the salicylic on my face and then lightly all over my body - let it sit a min or 2 and then rinse hair, face and body.

    On a side note - Over the summer, I was so desperate to "catch" this "thing" that I was putting tape all over me and attempting to look under a microscope my dad used in his classroom (biology teacher) back in 1971!! lol!! he was so confused as to why I was digging it out of their attic lol!!!  I couldn't see a single thing, even though I had those hard round things on the tape.
    It just goes to show, desperate means call for desperate measures.
    Again, thank you for being so courageous and speaking out about this.
    Your posts, research, microscope photos and documentation were so well done. I've never ever contacted a single person regarding their websites or blog but I felt so compelled to thank you.


    Hello AS,

    All so nicely said! ... ( thanks again!)

    and i adored the ‘family /home made bits’ comments!
    Yes, i can relate to them as well
    and the “I know what you mean” equally true on both sides.

    Re: Peroxide;

    I always have some in the cabinet but i am very careful
    of when /where to use and at what stage of Malassezia development
    because i have had some very messy and very painful experiences
    as mentioned in ‘Treatments and Results’ Entries
    that i would avoid using it at all costs unless attacked in a place
    that would cause more pain and inconvenience for longer.

    This thankfully has not happened since the commencement
    of YAM application, and i hope it stays so....


    Thanks! Nice to read other's input. I tried a selenium based shampoo
    (head and shoulders brand - clinical strength 1% selenium sulphide) yesterday night.
    Worked well. Do you have any input regarding its use?
    I read that mans post and was just curious if you had any personal experience with it.

    The Selenium Sulphite brand that i use often causes an initial quiet
    and then a frenzied back activity and i cannot call it coincidence...
    so i only use rarely just to confuse the Yeast.
    I had the same result using it in the bath water
    so all in all i am uncertain about it and way more inclined not to use.
    I will check if the H& S brand here have a selenium Sulphite one
    and will try... tentatively! Lol! ... maybe the other ingredients are different
    and produce a better result???

    I was thinking,
    Have you tried covering your head thoroughly and richly 
    with Zink Pyrithione shampoo without wetting your hair,
    then covering with a Lycra or shower cap
    and leaving it on for 2-3 hours?  
    It works wonders for me but the problem is
    yeast being produced internally the result good as it is,
    is only temporary... but done once every few weeks
    helps control excessive presence. 

    I have used it before, but just left it on for apx 10 min. My scalp bothers me most during the summer months. In the summer, it is rough. We only have window ac units in our house so it is a challenge to keep cool/comfortable. Winter helps, but it's still uncomfortable. Some days are better than others, but it is just so frustrating and such a cross to carry. It worries me that my family will acquire it and I worry that my health issues all stem from it. I was on antibiotics for apx 2 years (daily) for kidney/bladder problems. After that I had severe unexplained hives for 1 year straight - all over my body 24/7 365. I was hospitalized within the last year for ruptures in my lungs/oesophagus and now I have breathing issues/asthma. My teeth have become noticeably weak within the last 6 months. Do you feel they could somehow relate? It's overwhelming.

    We definitely share a very similar story,
    I was on long term antibiotics for Lung Atypical TB for eight years 
    and thats when the yeast problem started
    and got worse when i got off them.

    It is a cross to bear and had brought me to suicidal state several times
    but have managed to get to this liveable - way more quiet level now 
    with just a Few Simple things and Completely Natural,  
    only exception the Zink Pyrithione shampoo.

    Yes, it gets worse during hot weather and it is Summer here 
    and i am relieved to see that i am not experiencing it
    as bad as previous summers.

    Your family members do have it irrespective of your problem
    but it all depends on their immune system and how well it can fight it 
    and if they do not display any signs it means they are in top condition
    so, do the best you can about yourself and minimising transferring
    more to them and stop worrying.

    Regarding the weak teeth -and bones i might add!- yes,
    they are absolutely related in many more ways than one:

    * The Yeast utilises Calcium for the formation of its cell
       at the solidifying stage  when ready to develop hyphae 
       and start digging in into the skin.

    * Most antibiotics inhibit the absorption of Calcium
       and this in itself upsets the mineral balance in the body. 
       Unfortunately, Calcium is needed in so many areas in the body
       such as muscles -and heart is a muscle!- apart from
       the hair, nails, bones etc ...and the Yeast Thief! lol! 
       but the Body has no wisdom in regards to prioritising need
       in regards to Calcium distribution, thus creating some imbalance
       that knocks off many areas.

    Additionally the consumption of certain foods and substances
    further inhibit its absorption such as:
       Coffee, Tea, Sugars, excessive fats especially cooked ones etc.

    So, research about it and see if any areas in your diet
    require any alterations and how you can fortify your body
    with Calcium and Facilitate its Absorption because absorption
    is more important than quantity if it only passes
    through the intestinal canal unutilised.

    I have an Entry where i show the Difference of Nails
    'Before' the use of Seawater -rich with natural minerals- and Yoghurt –
    and 'After'... with nails, hair growing fast  like crazy 
    and bone pains disappearing etc.
    Perhaps you might need to revisit it.

    I also suggest you try if you can leaving the ZP shampoo on
    for 2-3 hours at least once, to see if it works for you
    but not daily -once every couple of weeks is sufficient and safer!

    Good Luck! :)

    * * *    * * * * * *

    Jan 2013


    Hope things are going well.  I was still struggling with scalp issues and then I found someone who had tried (Claritin) an 10 mg antihistamine for allergies and it’s Over The Counter.  I have tons of allergies, so I’ve been trying the antihistamine for the last 10 days and it’s improved greatly and my scalp is starting to feel more normal.  Just thought it might be worth sharing.  You are welcomed to use my information and first name if you like.  Wish you victory over your health issues in the new year.

    Hello Renae,

    Nice of you to return and contribute!

    It is good that Claritin has given you some relief.
    Dermatologists also prescribe antihistamines for this purpose
    but they do not eliminate the problem.

    If it is Malassezia you have, feeling better does not mean it is gone
    it is very adaptable and you will find that gradually it will go back
    to how it was.

    Antihistamines block the body’s messages,
    numb the feeling of itchiness and burning, may initially slow down
    the activity but do not stop it from multiplying.

    I achieve the same effect by taking
    1 B Complex Vitamin
    2 Niacinamide 500mg
    at night time and i sleep for 5-6 straight hours
    but then i have to stop for one or two nights and start again.
    I sleep but the yeast still works during the night.

    I have now reached the best possible state i have ever been
    with balancing my diet, taking the vitamins as above at bedtime
    and applying Fresh Sea Water and YAM Mixture.

    Thank you for allowing to publish your comments.

    Kind Regards


    Jan 2013

    Although Myself i have almost Totally Reverted back to 100% Natural Methods

    and Substances but with better understanding and intend
    to Controlling the Levels of Presence and Effects of Malassezia 
    and finding them More Effective than All relatively harmful Chemicals
    that i have used throughout my long experimentation, 
    i understand that some people may prefer to test and rely 
    on more Pharmaceutically Orthodox methods of treatment
    and as such Tom Busby seems to have done some extensive research
    and developed accordingly methods of his own, so here i include his input below:


    Skin Problems - Red Circular sores, including Tinea Versicolor, & Malassezia

    I'm 59, and have had red skin sores since I was 5.  The following write up is based on a lot of research and experience, and I want to share it with you.  I'm not selling anything.  Since I'm finally getting better, my blood pressure has dropped 10 points and my skin is so much better.  Yes, it's a long post but the skin condition is complicated.

    Fungal Skin Problems that Appear Crusty, Red and Circular
    If you have circular red crusty sores and never ending hive like itching, and other areas on your body where the skin is thick or hard, wet your entire body and wash with an over the counter (OTC) antifungal shampoo, leaving it on for 3 to 5 minutes in the shower before rinsing off.  Use a soft bath brush to scrub your soapy skin while the shower is turned off during this 3 to 5 minute period of time.  Use a heater to warm your bathroom to 80 degrees so you can tolerate standing around wet for 5 minutes.  After rinsing off, air dry your body with a hair dryer, as using a towel will tend to wipe off the medicine remaining from the shampoo.  Afterwards, do not apply any oil based lotions -- the fungus causing the circular sores is malessezia, which is lipophilic, which means it metabolizes fats and oils.  A non-comedogenic lotion, like Cetaphil, is a non-oily lotion.  You may have been diagnosed as having seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, tinea versicolor, eczema, or oily dandruff.  If you instead have psoriasis, which produces white irregular scaly patches (instead of red circular patches caused by fungus) an antifungal treatment will not be effective.

    Three Effective Over the Counter Anti-Fungal Shampoo Treatments for Malassezia
    The most effective OTC shampoo is Hegor 150 (Climbazole 1.5%).  Hegor 150 is made in France and is available in the US only on EBay and it will be shipped from Europe.
    While you are waiting three weeks for your shipment of Hegor 150, you can mail order OTC Nizoral (Ketoconazole 1.0%) shampoo, which is available only online in the US -- after 2011 it has not been sold in brick and mortar drug stores.  Nizoral is effective on malassezia, but less so than the Hegor shampoo.  Both Climbazole and Ketoconazole work by slowly dissolving fungal cell walls.
    Also consider applying Hibiclens (Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%) just before you apply the antifungal shampoo, as fungi are capable of working with other microbes to create symbiotic biofilms, but be careful to keep the Hibiclens away from your nostrils, eyes, and ears.  This is an off label use of Hibiclens.
    The third alternative shampoo is Selsun Blue (Selenium Sulphide 1.0%), which is sold by all drug stores.  Selsun Blue is a 1970’s compounding of selenium disulfide that activates the body’s natural defenses against Malassezia but does not dissolve the fungal cell walls, which is why Nizoral and Hegor shampoos are recommended.  However, the most useful aspect of Selsun Blue is that it is effective only against Malassezia and can thereby provide a quick, easy to purchase diagnosis.  Use it for 3 or 4 days, stand in bright sunlight and scratch your scalp.  If you see far more white flakes than you ever saw before, you have an abundance of malassezia.  Alternatively, after using any of these shampoos daily for 3 to 4 days, if your skin turns red in blotches, you have an accurate diagnosis that malassezia has colonized your skin.
    Nevertheless, if your doctor actually took a skin scraping with a razor blade and looked at it under a microscope to accurately diagnose malassezia, as most veterinarians would do, and then prescribed 2.5% selenium sulphide, you might consider other alternatives.  Two years ago doctors were not very well informed about malassezia because the fungi were difficult for researchers to categorize and study, and the human body has an abundance of numerous microbiota.  Now, with DNA genome sequencing, much medical research has been published and new perspectives on malassezia have become widely distributed.  Nizoral 2.0% prescription shampoo would be an acceptable prescription choice for a doctor, but in any event, Hegor’s Climbazole 1.5% costs only $16 for a 150 ml bottle, is OTC and is more effective.
    The use and importing of Climbazole shampoo is legal because the FDA and the EU in 2011 licensed up to 2.0% Climbazole in OTC shampoos.  However, as of 2012, only Hegor of France manufactures a shampoo with Climbazole.  In addition, Climbazole is soluble in isopropanol whereas Ketoconazole is soluble in ethanol, so Hegor’s Climbazole shampoo does not have the slight smell like Nizoral shampoo.  A 150 ml bottle of Hegor 150 lasts about 3 weeks in daily use, so order three bottles at a time because of the 3-week shipping delay.
    Head and Shoulders and many other OTC antidandruff shampoos contain zinc pyrithione, 1% or 2%, and are effective only on dry dandruff, in other words, where the dandruff is a non-inflammatory condition of the scalp.  Zinc pyrithione is thought to improve the bonding and elasticity of the skin, and as a consequence will not treat any part of the red crusty circular inflammation caused by malassezia.  Likewise, none of the other antifungals designed to treat jock itch, foot fungus, or toenail fungus will have any effect on malassezia.  Corticosteroid lotions in theory will reduce itching, but because they always contain oils, the lotion will feed the malassezia and make the problem worse.  

    Link to PDF document