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(20 May 13)                  On a New Experiment

I have already dedicated enough material on Diet and experimentations
Long or short etc, but due to recent heavy lung bleeds i developed
a voracious appetite for certain items, so much so that i had to forego
my regular diet and implement a new one to accommodate that need.

During that period i noticed some change of mild reduction of yeast activity.
I was not quite sure whether this was the main reason
but having gone back to the original menu again i noticed a slight increase.

Still not being able to verify if it was the diet or other changes causing it
i decided that now my body has adapted to the new diet  due its needs
i thought it might be a good opportunity to go back and trial it for longer
and more systematically so that i can verify if indeed it made a difference
or it was co incidental.

 This is one more chance to see if there s anything that can be internally.

 I will be giving it approximately three months of consistency 
and recording any other changes that might contribute to the result,
and if successful i shall return to Report the Finding.

I estimate i will be able to make the Report available Mid- August
or earlier if there are clear enough indications on either side of the scale.
                                   * * *

                                22 Feb 13

  Malassezia and The Five Essential Elements in it Cycle

The Five Consistent Elements i have identified throughout the time
as “Essential, Needed, Chased or Conducive and Inviting”
for its Growth and Survival for its Cycle are:


LIPIDS: Fats, Oils, Grease, Lotions, Mucous (Internally and Externally)

BLOOD: It Digs until it reaches it and in there it Incubates

SUGAR: Internally from Blood and Intestinal Canal (Colon/Rectum)
              Externally unable to verify either way but appears
              to concentrate around the edges of my Lips
              and i consume a lot of fruit.

CALCIUM: Internally from Blood, possibly from Intestinal Canal (Colon/Rectum)

HUMIDITY: As in body liquid/mucous producing areas such as:
                   inside Eyes and Eyelashes, Ears, Mouth, Lips,
                   external / internal genital areas as on tip of Penis and Vulva
                   inside Vagina and outer and inner Rectal area and Colon.

                   Possibly also from Blood? ... or other internal source ???

* About Humidity I have observed a number of things:

- During the night Malassezia gathers heavily both inside the eyes
  and on the eye lashes.  

  (No damage done i wash off splashing on water liberally and follow
   with rubbing off meticulously with warm water on a cotton ball)

- It also collects around my lips and often covers them completely

  (Also no damage eventuates as i treat the same as the eyes.
   If left untreated on either site, will eventually develop and cause
   unpleasant results.)

- Impossible to keep it away from genital external /internal humid areas
  despite the presence of Acidophilus capsules.

   (I still treat with Acidophilus capsules, and Seawater
    to successfully deter and minimise presence and settling
    but not complete absence. Just buys me time to sleep quietly
    without waking up to Bumps or Lesions
    and follow the above procedure of cleaning up in the morning.)

- During times of dehydration, fluid retention or just not having had
  enough water there seems to be a ‘stop dead’ in activity
  until i take some liquid, be it juice, herbal tea or plain warm water.
  This is the part that has indicated repeatedly to me
  that it takes/uses water/humidity from Internal sources???
  I lack biology knowledge to work out the mechanism or place it.

The BLOOD seems to Provide SUGAR and CALCIUM:

The indications –confirmed by my Diet experiments– are that
it utilises SUGAR NOT as CONSUMED or TYPE
of ALL FOODS CONSUMED Irrespective of their Nature

I am unable to Verify whether undigested unprocessed sugars
in the Colon or externally on the Lips/Mouth could be utilised directly. 
If that was the case then it would not need to dig in to the Flesh
until it bleeds where it then settles and incubates
for approximately four weeks but that assumption is not guaranteed
as not established if utilisation of sugar is part of feeding or only
incubation/ breeding –spore preparation- purposes.

The same applies to CALCIUM, i.e it procures and utilises
from the BLOOD irrespective the sources of consumption
and appears to use it to build its hard Crystalline Shell
at the end of its cycle, so i would assume it is all done
during the four week incubation and production of spores?

LIPIDS: Fats, Oils, Grease, Lotions, Mucous (Internally and Externally)

According to some Medical /Research Articles
–how accurate am not in position to assess-

1- Malassezia can produce its Own Oils
2- There is a Malassezia species that requires no Oil /lipids for growth
    or reproduction.

Leave aside the second one, i  know not and not much is known about
i will concentrate on the devil i do know as well as could.

Thanks to our sebaceous glands on one hand, producing inviting oil
for Malassezia’ s needs and the Lavish Ways and Types of OILS
and LOTIONS people seem determined to apply on their bodies,
hoping, misinformed or simply not knowing or ignoring after they have
learned but Compellingly Refusing to accept this simple fact,
Malassezia can Never Be Short of this Valuable
to its Life Cycle substance...

The Unfortunate thing for us sufferers is,
that it is not like Calcium or Sugar that it has to Procure from Blood
internally and there is always supply present! ...

Fats and Oils of all kinds it can bathe happily in
wherever provided:

- Near the Sebaceous gland secretions
- On the Surface of our Bodies - thanks to our Oil /Lotion obsessions
- Internally in the Colon area where abundance/excess
  of Unprocessed, Unutilised Fats are making their way out ...slowly
  while entertaining and ‘Pig Feeding’ and or rather ‘Pig Breeding’
  the Yeast...

(‘Pig Feeding’ could apply if Malassezia can also utilise Sugars
  present in that area /and if for Feeding and not for Breeding
  as when it is procured from the Blood)

There are lots of ‘IFS’  and many Unanswered Questions
for a LONE Researcher without Scientific means or help
but when it comes to

Practical Solutions in the Life of a Malassezia Sufferer

can one Discard possibilities and/ or Wait for the Scientific field
to wake up and take up the challenge of answering these questions
or does one

Do the Best in their Own Life to Solve their Problem?

I have personally chosen the second and have succeeded
despite the overload of limitations and combating ailments
of my Body.

This means:

- Eat Quality
- Do not Overeat
- Cleanse the Colon area regularly
- Wash and Rub Off the Fungus throughout Day and Night
- Do not provide inviting, proliferation producing substances
  and environment. (NO OILS/ LOTIONS/EMOLIENTS etc)
- Most Importantly Do Not Poison and Punish the Body
  instead of the Enemy!

         * * *

I am currently conducting a new Simple Experiment
for the Scalp / Hair area and preliminary results
are encouraging so far.

If significant results to report i will do so in time
-if i am still around.

* * *

It has taken me all of a Three Full Years and a lot of experimentation
to arrive at the most successful stage so far of minimal presence
and controlled levels of Malassezia activity.

I cannot control the Internal proliferation as neither short course
medication nor diet experimentations have proved to make any
difference or to have long lasting effects against Malassezia’ s
incredible adaptability but i am now almost on top in controlling it 
when it comes to the outside or any accessible areas.

My Greatest Weapons are Simple and Absolutely Natural
so much so that one could easily dismiss them but when it comes
to hard facts and results, at least in my personal experience,
they are the Only ones that have Produced Consistent Results 
without side effects (other than limitations caused 
by blood clotting issues due to my Lung condition) 
and have helped to achieve lasting relief and a liveable state
against been almost suicidal for near two years of ignorance
of its nature and what exacerbated rather reducing its presence
trying to combat it blindly.

These Simple but Consistently Effective Weapons are:

                       1- PLAIN WARM WATER
                             Really?... Yes!... Really!

            R E A L L Y!... ACTUALLY... TRULY!

                       2- YAM MIXTURE
                            As described in relevant entries

                       3- NATURAL SEA WATER
                            As described in relevant entries
                            (2 & 3 are Interchangeable)

ALL Creams, Lotions, Oils, etc whether Medicated, Fungicidal or Antiseptic
only offer temporary relief while facilitating Malassezia proliferation.

It took me time, repetitive disappointments, financial expenditure
while bombarding my body with all these chemicals
-to which Malassezia either adapts quickly
rendering them ineffective or become facilitators
of its Proliferation due to their greasy contents-
to finally realise, understand and accept this simple reality.

Arriving there marked the beginning of a better chance of control.

At this point of time I Follow and Advocate more than even before
All Natural methods and substances as the Three mentioned above

* Creams, Lotions, Oils, etc Medicated, Fungicidal or Antiseptic
   may be beneficial for a number of other Skin Conditions
   but Ineffective or Detrimental when it comes to Malassezia
   and possibly Demodex as both thrive in greasy environment.


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