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Malassezia Yeast: Acidophilus Capsules and Yoghurt Experiment

                                                                 Jan 2012 )  

                                 Acidophilus Capsules and Yoghurt Experiment


                    " This Entry is Relevant to Both Gentlemen and Ladies "

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                                    Acidophilus Experiment


One of the main problems i have been faced with right from the start
has been Malassezia inhabiting and operating in inaccessible places
where it is impossible to reach or treat with substances that have proved
effective to some degree when applied on the outer parts of the body.

After my failed attempts to employ the help of Doctors and Dermatologists
in treating the problem internally with prescription medication,
i had to look in which way i could achieve for myself something
that would not be harmful but would prevent Malassezia
from over-colonising those difficult to access and treat areas.

I have tried dousing the internal Vagina area
I have tried inserting Vitamin C powder
I have tried inserting Salt and Soda individually and together
I have tried Clotrimazol Cream as well as Tablet
I have tried temporarily inserting Antibiotic tablets
I have also tried to keep the area totally Dry by inserting Cotton Wool
in order to absorb all moisture and make it unattractive to Malassezia.

Each of the above efforts, produced a short temporary result,
none lasting for more than 2-3 days and some in fact producing the opposite effect
in attracting more invasion and colonisation than the usual,
and surprisingly one of them was the Clortimazole Cream supposed to treat MYF
possibly having become resistant to small dosages over time
having used it long term externally in the Athlete's Foot Cream form
             (OCT 12 : Or due to its emollient greasy base).

The Other one which also seemed to attract more colonisation was the Vitamin C
but this is not surprising as C is supposed to help regulate Vaginal PH balance
good for the vagina but making the place more attractive for acid liking Malassezia.

Even more difficult was treating the problem of the Anal area
because anything applied there even in the more external area
is easily absorbed as it constitutes the ending part of the Descending Colon.

Eventually when all these efforts failed and as i was still researching Fungal infections
and Treatments for the Vaginal area, the idea of Acidophilus Bacteria,
either in eating yoghurt or capsules taken orally, started to attract my attention anew.
I had been taking acidophilus capsules orally for quite some time
but apart from the fact that i had not noticed any difference, they also appeared
to give me severe headaches.

I had thought they were ineffective perhaps due to the bacteria being killed
by the stomach acids before reaching the Intestinal Canal
and the headaches were due to some preservative such as potassium
that was not listed, as not being part of the active ingredients.

So in the end i was forced to give them up,
but recently after any other avenue appeared closed,
i increasingly started to think IF and  HOW i could utilise those Friendly guys
before they were killed and in a way that i would not get the headaches.

I gradually arrived in the assumption and hope, that since they are LIVE guys
-actually asexual, lol!- and since bacteria are larger than fungi,
if i attempted to overpopulate my Vaginal area as well as the Descending Colon
with them, this ought to drive away and deter Malassezia from settling there
and eventually in time the multiplication of the Acidophilus would turn the balance.

One thing i can verify is that initially upon implementation there was an Immediate Relief
and a Dramatic Reduction in traffic both in the Vaginal as well as the Anal areas
that lasted for at least 3 solid weeks unchanged.

I can also verify that during this continuing treatment,
for quite some time after the insertion of Acidophilus,
 there is always a strong -in fact a 'run away from' motion from both areas
and generally speaking, massive avoidance for quite a while afterwards
but not complete clearance –Malassezia is one very persistent creature...

(OCT 12 : The penny had not dropped yet that Malassezia lives and multiplies
in both these areas, and no matter how much Acidophilus, the deterrence
will be only temporary... I am still using the treatment as i am typing this comment
otherwise without it  these areas become one citizen’s heaven.)

There are always a few kamikazes that will try to settle in the outer Ring area
of  both Vagina and / or Anus.
Having moved from the inside to the outside though, as the plan intended
it is easier to Fight and cause it Damage!
(OCT 12 : True... but  there is always more...from where it comes from!)

     Acidophilus Type, Dosage, Frequency and Application

The Acidophilus Capsules i use contain a Total of 25 Billion live Organisms

Lactobacillus Acidophilus 7.5 Billion CFU
* Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 8.75 Billion CFU
* Bifidobacterium Lactis 8.75 Billion CFU
* Total 25 Billion

I was happy to find a brand with high Total quantity as well as containing
a high quantity of Rhamnosus which is a Natural Friendly Vagina inhabitant

Dosage /Frequency:

I Insert in the Vagina: 2 Capsules x 3 per day (Morning /Noon /Bedtime)

I Insert in the Anal area: 2 Capsules x 2 per day (Morning / Bedtime)

I find more convenient, and hygienic and less uncomfortable
emptying the capsule in a teaspoon of warm water
and using an oral syringe or ear syringe to insert in the anal area.
I have to resist the urge to evacuate for 5-10 minutes until absorbed
and the urge passes.

One inmportant point to Clarify here is that the Acidophilus  Bacteria
Do Not appear to Kill Malassezia ON Immediate CONTACT

My initial Aim in the experiment was to prevent Malassezia from over-colonising
in internal inaccessible areas that i could not treat with the same available 
substances or methods i have been using externally.
This seems to have been achieved so far.

Time perhaps will show whether the result can improve,
if not eliminating Malassezia completely, considering that it is
omnipresent in nature and part of the natural body flora *
into at least reverting to normal tolerable levels and behaviour
like it is in every person with normal immune system .
*(Oct 12 : living and multiplying internally)

The reason why i believe / hope that over time the balance can change, is that

1) Three months of Probiotics cannot easily reverse the damage and imbalance
    created by 10 years of lethal antibiotics, regular X-Ray exposures
    and daily swim in chlorinated water harming other friendly skin flora
    in an already highly immuno-compromised body.

2)- a) During this three month period of the experiment,
     Acidophilus capsules alone cured a severe Kidney / Bladder infection
     which one course of antibiotics failed to do
     (acidophilus experiment started right after the antibiotic course
     while infection and temperature were still present)

b) Acidophilus also with the aid of Vitamin C powder
    were the sole means that helped clear a recent serious chest infection
    both my husband and I acquired suddenly.

    A previous time, before starting the acidophilus course,
    the same problem with much higher temperatures
    lasted much longer for both of us despite the use of antibiotics.

It is somewhat slow but undoubtedly good with verified performance in those two areas
and the marked decrease of Malassezia traffic in the internal embattled areas
allows me to hope that given time the Balance may change to the better....

                           Acidophilus Capsules Benefits

** Increase of Friendly Bacteria in Malassezia beleaguered areas
* Definite Reduction in traffic going into the areas where it was inserted
* Effective Cure of –a present Bladder Infection at the time, as well as a severe Chest One
* Efficient, Smooth, Stool Elimination (terrific against constipation)


                      Acidophilus photo and interesting read:

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