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Malassezia Yeast: Behaviour - Characteristics - Multiplication

                                                          ( June 11 )
                                  Malassezia Behaviour - Characteristics


                                       " Many Faces - Many Signs"

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Observations of Behaviour and Characteristics over the past eighteen months

Frequent distinct feeling of crawling on the surface of the skin, and indication that 
the creature lives under the surface of the skin and deep inside the follicles,
covered and protected by the thin outer skin membrane. (Photo 1-2)

                             (Malassezia) Inside Hair Follicles


                Photo 1: Relatively healthy follicles - Photo 2: Follicles impregnated


                 Follicles impregnated with the creature under the layer of skin.

                        Characteristics – Activity – Multiplication

(At this stage i had no confirmation if i were dealing with Demodex or Malassezia
  and the initial list was based on the belief of possibly two different creatures.
       Now adapted to the Correct one in order not to confuse the reader)

* Moves and rather fast from place to place

* Has an approximate 76 -78 hour- or 3 to 3 ¼ day- cycle
   from perceived initial development - then three complete weeks of activity
   inside the Bumps as developing into Lesions.

* Responds to sudden changes of temperature and or any actions impacting on the skin,
  by moving away or under the skin surface, i.e. hot air from hair drier,
  touching a cold item from the fridge, applying hot /cold water on skin etc
  (this does not apply once it has embedded itself into a bump or open lesion)

* Spreads to different locations on the body

* Mobile at early stage of development but Local near maturity

* Multiplies several times a day almost every 20 mins
(OCT 12 :  Observed as itchy burning activity when inside lesions 
                    and as emerging from internal areas - see later Entries)

* Mostly settles Under the Skin but moves briefly on surface while in mobile stage
(OCT 12 :  when it progresses to the next stage of development - see later entries ) 

* Symbiotic - non territorial - the more ...the merrier...
  Lesions causing inflammation and bleeding attract more of it in the area

* Active throughout Day and Night

* Increased activity from 2pm onwards
 felt more intensely during the evening / night, while resting

* Increased activity when i get upset or anxious
(possibly due to blood /oxygen? circulation variations?)

* Seem to halt activity when i get sick, i.e. a cold, flu, high fever
 or experience severe fluid retention and / or severe migraine
 ( I so appreciate this!...Lol! )

Favourable, Inviting Environment:

* Warmth

* Humidity

ALL Oily, Greasy, Fatty Creams, Lotions, Gels, Oils,
  even if Natural or Pharmaceutical, Antifungal and Antiseptic

* Natural Waxy, Mucus, Fluid body areas such as
  Genital Male / Female areas, Ears, Eyes and Nostrils

* Hair & Hair Follicles, All over Entire Body, especially
  Head, Ears, Nostrils and especially Pubic/Genital areas

* Fingers and Toes - especially Under All Nails

* Creases and Folds of skin and the narrower the more
  such as Cracks or Creases in Heels, Behind Ears, etc

* Blood!!! and Injured Inflamed / Wounded skin areas
  including lesion areas of its own

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