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Malassezia Yeast: How it All Started

                                                           ( June 11 )                                            

                                 Malassezia Yeast: How it All Started


                  "The Beginning of an Unravelling Torturous Story..."

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                                                    About Me

                                   Hi i am Sonata (my Blog name)


I live in the South East Queensland in Australia.

For near ten years my husband and i and our two kids lived in a large
old typical High Set house with our pet dogs and cats one canary bird
and a back yard with a never used barbeque and a set of swings and all.
A small ordinary, rather quiet and happy family.

Then i was diagnosed with a Serious Lung Illness (Atypical TB).
I was given 2 to 5 years maximum and was put on long term antibiotics.

So we sold our home gave our pets for adoption and moved into a new
waterfront apartment so that i could live my dream and enjoy the sea
and started 3k daily swimming laps at the local pool.

Later on we moved again to a different newly built unit
and for the past near nine years i have lived in this type of clean pet free
environment with a 100% Natural Fresh Fruit/ Vegetable Diet, 
Goat milk, Nuts and Seeds, supplemented with Daily Vitamins.

After a couple of years my specialists informed me that the antibiotics
were not working and that generally they were not doing me much good.
I was faced with the dilemma to stop and let nature take its course
or keep on taking them to slow the process and see how things go.

The decision came soon after a walk with my younger daughter
who was then a high school student and while not even having a boyfriend
she told me in one of our walks home:

"Mum, i want you to be at my wedding!
I cannot bear the thought that you might not be there..."

While i was considering silently in my head the time of studying medicine
doing internship, finding a boyfriend and if all well wait for him 
to pop the important question and then arrange a wedding  date ... etc... etc...
i was surprised to hear 'her mother' part of my brain replying:

"Of course sweetheart!.. i promise you from this moment on
i will do all in my power to live and be at your wedding
and i will be there no matter in what condition i am."

and then the ending part of my talk completed itself silently in my head:

"...and if i am not here as it is most likely... i will still be at your wedding..."

So i continued on with the antibiotics.

Beyond all odds i made it to her beautiful wedding but one month later
my condition deteriorated so much that i almost past away one evening.

When morning arrived and i was still here i decided it was now time
to stop the antibiotics as i had fulfilled my promise and had to give my body
a chance to recover or for events to follow their natural course...

Miraculously i started to recover and recover fast and vigorously,
all bleeding stopped and felt stronger and better than i had ever felt
for a long long time and was able to fortify my diet with additional
nutritional foods that while on antibiotics my body somehow could not tolerate.

All was good and getting better and better until six months later
when suddenly felt like i had somehow caught... Head Lice...

I immediately tried to treat them with Natural Home Remedies i m good at that!
but it did not seem to work so i had to try Pharmacy Natural treatments ...
but not only it seemed that Nothing worked, additionally the behaviour
did not seem to be typical of Head Lice and after extensive internet research
i found that the behaviour did not match Body Lice either nor Bed Bugs 
(and we had even bought new electric beds and mattresses)
and not Crab Lice either, so i started to reluctantly and with much disbelief at first
but later on feverishly researching the possibility of Scabies
... despite lack of any explanation of how such thing could happen ...

Lack of any other knowledge and with symptoms that closely resembled a Scabies  case, 
i immediately started Non-Prescription available Pharmacy treatments 
but without any success.

              This was Only the Beginning of an Unravelling Torturous 
                                    and Highly Tormenting Story
          Yet with a Great Degree of Success Achieved Along the Way

Over many days, weeks, months and now two years,
what followed i have detailed in all my enties together with photos
taken with two different microscopes and the sincere hope that all this information
may help other sufferers of the same or similar conditions to avoid costly and painful
misconceptions and treatments, while exploring possibly more helpful
and or suited treatments to their individual case needs and symptoms.