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Malassezia Yeast: Initial Treatments and Results

                                                        ( June 11 )

                   Malassezia Yeast: Initial Treatments and Results


       "From the Pantry to the Bathroom and all the way to the ...Chemist"

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 (Initial treatments i used before Identification of Cause or Knowledge of its Behaviour)

            * Treatments i have used to date and Results *

Having always being passionately 'Totally Natural Health' oriented,
naturally i initially tried only Natural Substances:

* All the Natural range available in the Pantry and Fridge.
  When it did not work, tentatively and rather reluctantly all in the First Aid kit.

Such as:

* Water Bombs with a richly wet facecloth (LOL!)

Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bicarbonate Soda, Natural Sea Salt,
  Corn Flour, Yoghurt, Brown Rice Poultice, Butter    

Aloe Vera plant Juice, Tomato Leaves, Banana Skins, Pawpaw Peelings
  Raw Potato mashed, Potato Peelings, Green Tea, Black Tea, Chamomile

* Parasite Treating Herb Infusions, as well as in capsules
   internally and externally  such as: Wormwood, Chaparral, Black Walnut Leaf

* Tee Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil

Various Shampoos and Conditioners

* Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, Comfrey Ointment

Hair Drier , Heater and Cool Fan

Extremely Hot Water

* Seawater and Seaweed from the beach down the road
  (Swimming in the Sea and carrying bottles back home for the Bath!)

When all - either individually or in lethal combinations- failed to eliminate
what we thought were Head Lice and then Body Lice,
i started to consider it might be Scabies so i tried

*All Available Non-Prescription Pharmaceutical Treatment  Products.

After all those failed too, i searched wider and followed tips and suggestions
in forums most of which i considered either useless or dangerous,
but by that time i was already a desperate woman ready to try anything.

So i extended the list to:

Hydrogen Peroxide, Methylated spirits, Ear drops, Iodine, Dettol Disinfectant

Laundry Detergent

Pool Salt and Mineral tablets in bath water when sea water not available.

                                                        * * *

Comments on Methods and  Logic -or lack of- and Results

(As entered Back then and Current for Reader fairer Understanding)

I will say straight away that Nothing from the long list above works 
as in Killing the pest on contact... with the exception of just three items 
and only under specific conditions:

-One of them under a certain condition and almost impossible to implement,
-One that makes the experience unforgettable, and
-One effective but only in a small area.

* Water Bombs:
Not knowing at the time that they were living and circulating
way under the skin i figured that if splash - scraped them
with a richly wet face cloth ...they would get squashed!...
...the joke was on me!...

Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bicarbonate Soda, Natural Sea Salt,
  Corn Flour, Yoghurt, Brown Rice Poultice, Butter

The Lemon drove them off the head and hair pretty quickly but not for long
and so did the Vinegar but i suspect it had detrimental effects for me
in regards to the Malassezia fungus which i was suspecting
-as some yeast infection but without confirmation or specific knowledge
at the time- and which seemed to like it and proliferate thus creating
confusing results.
(OCT 12 : What i did not know back then was that Malassezia WAS the Pest!)

Soda and Salt had little effect, Corn Flour none,
Yoghurt only because too cold and temporary and Butter ...Oh What a Mistake!

Brown Rice Poultice was very messy, uncomfortable and impossible to apply
in the entire body in an effective way.
Applied on the legs, when it dried off, it actually KILLED massively,
leaving long empty white tunnels under the skin but hard to wash off the skin itself.

Effectively it blocked the air and dried up the skin in such a way,
that whatever was underneath could not go anywhere, suffocated and dried up
as the poultice dried to a hard sheet on the surface of the skin.

Tee Tree & Eucalyptus Oil that everybody keeps touting as helpful in suffocating them,
is one of the most Popular Misconceptions and costly in regards not only to money
but painful and messy results as well.
In fact it just drives them away from that spot while the fume is strong, only to have them
Return with a Vengeance Happy to Lavish in the OIL left on the skin!

I used it extensively and only after i finally managed to break free from the ‘brain wash’
and stopped using either of them completely, i finally managed to see free 
the areas that they were constantly returning to and harassing badly!
I would Never touch Either of them Ever again...
I believe they are promoted either due to ignorance or commercial interests.
Good disinfecting qualities for other uses but Not Suitable for Malassezia (or Demodex)

* Aloe Vera plant Juice, Tomato Leaves, Banana Skins, Pawpaw Peelings
raw Potato mashed, Potato Peelings, Green Tea, Black Tea, Chamomile

Aloe Vera plant juice is fantastic in healing the lesions and scars, fast.
Banana Skins -perhaps due to the fact that bananas are sprayed with pesticides
seem to deter and delay them for a while.
The rest is not worth mentioning as no effect was clear.

* Wormwood, Chaparral, Black Walnut Leaf
There did not seem to be much effect either, whether consuming them Directly

full strength, drinking as Tea, using as poultices or pouring the tea in the bath tab
and the taste ... pfwoah....

* Tee Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil - or Anything Greasy
I just never touch them anymore no matter what the rest of the world believes,
i observed the facts for a long-long time and i know otherwise.
They may be excellent for other antiseptic uses but anathema using against this creature.

*Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, Comfrey Ointment
Both terrific for other uses and briefly beneficial for the skin
but in the end the creatures love their greasiness of their base too!...

(OCT 12 : All assessments regarding, Oils and Greasy Ointments were absolutely Spot On!)

* Hair Drier , Heater or Cool Fan
Nothing but relocating the pest temporarily

Extremely Hot Water
Totally Ineffective as they hide underneath the skin
but i use it on the scalp as hot as i can stand it without injury
hoping to destroy any eggs/spores deposited.
I have indications it works but new 'runners' go back and restart work.
(OCT 12 : or the spores remained unaffected)

* Seawater and Seaweed from the beach down the road (bottles of it!)
One of the greatest pleasures and comforts, fast healers of lesions and scars
and anyone who says 'salt dries the skin' they know not what they are talking about,
and are repeating text books or "hear say" cliché's.
Additionally the rich minerals contained, i found helping my hair and nails grow like crazy.

(Soda dries the skin but not the salt - salt on the contrary heals and provides moisture
I am talking about the Salt Contained in the Seawater - Not plain salt in a packet)

* Laundry Detergent
It appears to help get rid of dead skin and especially the Gray Sticky Layer
they spray on the skin. (see symptoms)

Pool Salt and Mineral tablets in bath water when sea water not available.
Even though it is Natural unheated Sea Salt it is a Poor substitute of the Sea water
and less effective but still comforting. Helps heal wounds and itchiness
but gets absorbed by the skin and creates hellish thirst...but i m in hell anyway...

(I found it extremely useful for another reason, and this as a result rather than
a known effect: Mixed with soda and water and rubbed all over the body at night
i found my nails and hair started to grow like crazy and the on and off pains
i had in two ribs that were broken few years back, immediately stopped
and the areas felt much stronger. Table Salt would Not Do and it is Bad. )

* Hydrogen Peroxide, Methylated spirits, Aqua Ear drops, Iodine, Dettol disinfectant

Three of the substances above 
Do KILL!... but!...

1) Hydrogen Peroxide: It seems to penetrate the surface of the skin and find them
    BUT!... when they die -and they DO!...they release all at once all the poison of some kind
   which they appear to use normally to corrode the skin to dig in and lay
    and this

a) Creates a Massive Mess in the area, blowing them up in blisters like bubble wrap
    ending up in open Lesions all at once, and

b) The Pain is AGONY!... so extreme that i felt my heart would explode.
    I have groaned, and screamed and cried and sobbed and had to close windows
   so the neighbours would not start to suspect ...marital abuse
   while my angel husband  was kneeling by the bath tab caressing gently my back
   and cringing helplessly at the pain i was experiencing, trying to comfort me.
   And THERE IS NO COMFORT for many days!...other than applying fresh
   Aloe Vera juice from the pot plant –not the pharmacy!.

After a couple of those excruciating experiences i have been mixing it with
Methylated spirits and water but i am unsure about the result and it does
require several applications.

2) Methylated spirits: Not as effective as Peroxide but neither as painful
   or mess creating. Needs several on the spot applications rubbing into the skin
   but not sure how much damage it really does.
   It would definitely be 100% effective if the entire affected area
   was totally immersed in it for a few minutes.
   Splashing it on the skin is not as effective.

3) Aqua Ear drops: This also works 100% ...
    If any creatures ventures inside the ear:
    A few drops and within exactly 2 minutes, timed, they die ...with a lot of squirming
    (I leave for 5 mins to be sure).

So, if i could simply fill a bath tab with peroxide, methylated spirits and ear drops
(isopropyl alcohol) which no doubt would be extremely dangerous
if not absolutely FATAL this would be a sure cure... (...for ever!... LOL!...)

* Iodine and Dettol disinfectant: would also need undesirable quantities
  but normal use does not seem to have any effect.

   (OCT 12 : Now i have come to know that no matter how much i can kill 
                or control on the outside  the Production Factory is Internal. 
                More in later entries)

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