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Malassezia Yeast: Symptoms and Effects (PT 1)

                                                        (June 2012)

                       Malassezia Yeast: Symptoms and Effects (PT 1)
                                   Viewed with Digital Microscope          


             "How it Looks during different Stages and Effects on the Body"

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Malassezia Yeast: Symptoms and Effects on Body - Photos and Comments 

                  ( Part 1: What it Looks like during different Stages )

                             Malassezia fatty blob caught on a Cotton Bud

Back in the Beginning of the outbreak at end 2009 -10
there were a dozen a day of this worm looking like ‘creatures’
caught on cotton buds each looking very much alike any other.

My man was sceptical, believing it was just ear wax...
I differed strongly in my view because ear wax spreads on the cotton bud
and even if dryer and or thicker –depending on the individual – it would still
be impossible to come up repeatedly looking like a worm creature  ‘disturbed’ 
by the rubbing and wiping  caused by the  cotton bud.

Additionally, ear wax even the very thin consistency, looks rather orange in colour
or light yellow while this is a very light creamy yellowish, allowing photo colour variation
yet often visible to the naked eye.

My search high and low to match it with any available Google worm photos
repeatedly failed. Later on when i started researching the Demodex
–since its shape appears somewhat similar-
i also tried to find a photo matching the colour but i could not safely match it
to my absolute satisfaction.

Now, finally after having examined Malassezia closely at its different stages
i firmly believe it is in the second semi-liquid stage of development
–of considerably reduced mobility- and hours before the next stage 
of final crystallisation and immobility, and when it looks much like this:


      Malassezia crystalline shard viewed with Digital Microscope

Back then it was my man who thought that this was definitely a Demodex
and me disagreeing  strongly because it was too big and did not seem
to look anything like near any Demodex photo i had seen.

I had been sceptical and dismissed it as a possible ‘salt’ grain from the bath...
but there was no good explanation of how could it have been lodged 
so far inside the ear without feeling uncomfortable -salt not being a soft substance
also so closely resembling the crystalline shape and colour of Malassezia shard!

Now, after having seen and verified Malassezia in its crystalline form 
and even with the developing hyphae, under the Biological Microscope,
i am still prepared to consider a chance of perhaps been a salt grain after all
but i still see it more likely as a Malassezia shard.

1) Malassezia crystalline shard viewed under Biological Microscope

             Below similarity comparison of the shape of samples 

Photo 1: Viewed with Digital Microscope // Photo 2-3: Viewed under Biological Microscope

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