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Where I Am Now!

                                                 ( March 13 )


                                 Where I Am Now!

I have Bombarded my Body with Dangerously, ‘High grade Concentration' quantities
of Toxic Chemicals both directly on the Ski n from Top to Toe, literally! 
as well as ...Bottles of them poured in the Bathtub for a Long - Long time   
only to find that i was Poisoning my Body but without any effect on Malassezia.
Eventually through observation of its coming and goings i have plenty 
of confirmation that it is produced internally 
and there i have no access  or control.
Therefore i have Stopped entirely the use of All Chemicals
and have reverted to simple Natural harmless methods for all external parts of the Body
with surprisingly more Successful Results than previously with the chemicals.

I have No Lesions in the numbers, severity or size as i used to have way back.
I have been for some time now practically Totally Lesion Free
rarely anything manages to dig in and draw blood but it is quickly dealt with.

Internally though, i still have the problem as no matter what i have tried
has had no effect on curbing its production - other than Acidophilus Capsules
with some considerable but not absolute nor permanent effect   

Many people after reading some entries  in my Blog
kindly return and suggest solutions they have thought of or found 
on other sites or forums believed to be offering temporary relief for a short time
then return later to report problem with yeast moving or spreading in other areas  
and more ‘new’ things discovered or thought of to try

But to this day

- No One has returned to report they are Free of the problem
  simply having used any discovered ‘X’ product - and  

-Never has anyone returned with a report of
   “THIS KILLS YEAST Once and Forever...”

Neither do so any of my own remedies.
They are Effective in Immediate Relief of the Symptoms of Itching and Burning
Healing Fast any pre-existing Lesions and Deterring Yeast from Settling 
thus Keeping the outer skin areas Fairly to Totally Free of Lesions 
other than some small tricky not easily accessible areas
but Nothing i know of Stops Yeast  from growing Internally 
and continuing its cycle on the outside -if left uninhibited- affecting 
different sensitive areas in different people.

I must clarify here that a Totally Lesion Free Body
does not mean a ‘Yeast Presence and /or Activity’ Free Body!

Perhaps the idea of the later is impossible by Nature’s laws
with only one’s healthy immune system making the difference obvious.
Healthy individuals are not aware or suspect any presence in their body
and many do not even know of this beast’s existence
I used to be one of those individuals myself... before antibiotics use.

Now Unable and having found Nothing that can fight it Internally
other the Acidophilus Capsules which Improve and Deter 
but Do Not kill Malassezia,  the Best i have achieved 
is a Totally Lesion Free Body and much Quieter Sane Life! 
with (considerably reduced) Yeast Presence and Activity.

The Means and Methods of which this is Being Achieved are Ongoing   
and Presented  in detail in the Different Entries
and  these are what this Site has to offer
hoping some of the Info may be useful to its Visitors


(20 May 13)                  On a New Experiment

I have already dedicated enough material on Diet and experimentations
Long or short etc, but due to recent heavy lung bleeds i developed
a voracious appetite for certain items, so much so that i had to forego
my regular diet and implement a new one to accommodate that need.

During that period i noticed some change of mild reduction of yeast activity.
I was not quite sure whether this was the main reason
but having gone back to the original menu again i noticed a slight increase.

Still not being able to verify if it was the diet or other changes causing it
i decided that now my body has adapted to the new diet  due its needs
i thought it might be a good opportunity to go back and trial it for longer
and more systematically so that i can verify if indeed it made a difference
or it was co incidental.

 This is one more chance to see if there Is anything that can be done internally.

 I will be giving it approximately three months of consistency 
and recording any other changes that might contribute to the result,
and if successful i shall return to Report the Finding.

I estimate i will be able to make the Report available Mid- August
or earlier if there are clear enough indications on either side of the scale.