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Malassezia Yeast and Natural Fresh Seawater

                                                           ( May 12 )

                        Malassezia Yeast and Natural Fresh Seawater


                             " What a Miraculous Great Discovery!..."

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While nursing anew my Broken Ribs as result of the Controversial OIL Experiment
and now back home unpacking again, and still thinking what to do next, 
i decided to instead use some Fresh Seawater from down our blessed Beach
hoping it would at least keep the beast in check until i could think of some other solution.

                                              Oh Miracle of Miracles!!!!!! .


                                  " What a Miraculous Great Discovery!..."
                      Within just a few short days, the Bone Pains started to Subside,
                             the Ribs started to Heal as if touched by Jesus
                    –respectful reference though i am not strong in set religiousness-
                         the Skin got even Softer and felt Hydrated and Moisturised 
                                  even better than when using the body lotion.

            Even more startling was the Discovery that it had a near as good effect
                of stopping the ‘Hyphae’ of Crystal shards, digging into the skin,
                                      much the same as the lotion did,
                              but without returning for more and more 
                   and actually avoiding any area where applied liberally

            I started to have more quiet evenings and much longer sleep hours 
                at night, and not waking up with a flock of birds in my privates 
                   waiting to be 'fed' as was the case with the Lotion ....

     It came to a point where it was all so tame that i could hardly tell the day of the cycle,
     (i.e. first day quiet, second more activity, third/third and a half hell braking loose etc.)

 Immediate Derived Benefits Using  Natural Fresh Seawater:

*Provides a Thinner, Non-Greasy layer  than the Oil body lotion,
 that creates an effective barrier to digging in

*Salt content Drying up White Shards turning them to light orange

*Prevents settling of Grayish Sticky Layer

*Relieves Burning sensation within seconds

*Heals Lesions – if any  much Faster

*Creates Supper Soft, Silky, highly Moisturised Skin, 
 with incredible youthful elasticity while possibly also promoting some types
 of friendly Body Flora due to the Bio-available Organic Minerals present.

*Hair and Nails growing like crazy even though not applying the water 
on either hair or scalp


*Swimming in the Cold Sea during an entire summer a year back, did not appear
  to have the same effect even though i did not rinse off until shower time.

If this treatment does not end up presenting any unpleasant side effects later on
i will include complete head treatment during summer time and see how it goes.

Seems to be way more effective at room temperature or when applied immediately
after a bath/shower, so i bought a Baby Bottle Warmer and set it to keep warm
a small quantity to be handy at night time at just 38-40C 
and during the day / evening i usually apply it right after a hot bath 
when the pores and follicles are open and Malassezia more exposed.

* SALTED Tap Water IS NOT THE SAME as Natural Fresh SEA WATER
   and unlikely to produce the same results.

I would also be Wary about Negative effects on Kidneys and Blood Pressure
and possibly affecting negatively other natural friendly skin flora
as some is absorbed through the skin

Caution i have Followed:

*Collecting Sea Water from a Clean area

*Applying within 24 hours if kept in room temperature

*Applying in Natural temperature Not  Heated, to keep bio-availability
  and avoid change in concentration and quality of all mineral contents

*Using Fresh, keeping excess in Fridge, discard unused within a few days
 due to possible presence of other bacteria

*Not for Internal use other than: outer part of ears and nostrils and outer private areas.

*Use Small quantities due to High Concentration of Salt,
  especially where high blood pressure may be of concern
  and /or possibility of blood clotting  as in my case

*Drinking Plenty of water throughout the day.

*No Dilution with water as Malassezia is very adaptable and can get desensitised to it.

                         Now if Someone asked the Question:

         “Are you really trying to sell Sea Water as the Ultimate Cure?”

The answer would be an absolutely definite “NO!”
Simply because, like so many other, way more evil substances,
it does Not Kill Malassezia on Impact.

 What it Does is:

 Allows some greater relief, a more liveable life, costs nothing –if lucky to live by the sea-
 and provides these Beneficial Results:

*Burning Reduction and Relief instantly upon application
*No Digging and Lesions
*No Grayish Sticky Layer allowing to settle and dry
*White shards loosely sticking on surface – not digging in
*Smooth, Soft, Silky Skin unrivalled by any artificially made lotion (in my brief experience)
 (No hard, dry surface patches, no tight Plasticky or Stretched appearance or feel)

Two Substantial Differences Compared to the Oil Lotion:

*Considerably Reduced Malassezia Activity and Presence

* Marked avoidance of treated areas rendered as uninviting.

It is an incredible feeling to be sitting down in my chair
without my entire outer private area feeling like a combination of
red hot charcoal with a mix of burning, itchy, prickly, pins
stuck haphazardly on an unfortunate ... pin cushion...

An absolutely relieving sense of lightness, freedom and normality
that i have not known even during times of total lack of lesions,
since the beginning of this evil devil took over my body inside out.

It seems like my bones absolutely love it -so far-and surprisingly my kidneys too,
which have not worked so efficiently for a long, long time
but i am wary of possible blood clotting problems which i have had for sometime
and whether seawater could have a positive or negative effect in that area.

Applying a couple days break every few days i consider a good measure
for allowing the body’s metabolism and balancing of the mineral intake.

Of course, much like with any kind of experiment, 
more time is needed to establish longer term results
especially since internal areas cannot be treated likewise
and /or possible side effects of longer term use and absorption of the sea water.

(I will update when sufficient time can confirm constancy of results)

                                                     OCT 12 :
                I have not stopped using it except for very short intervals
                                    (due to TB and clotting problems)
                 and has Become My Main Defender and Liberator 
                       of Malassezia ’s Painful Effects on the Outside

    Aided by the addition of:

1) Acidophilus Yoghurt in my Diet, Internally  
2) Acidophilus Capsules in Internal areas such Vagina and Anal areas
3) Enemas and Vaginal Douches helping to clear –even if temporarily- these areas
4) The addition of YAM –another most Helpful Discovery- that can be used in Combination
    Replace or Alternated with Seawater.
5) And of course together with the ‘Rigorous Daily Maintenance’ as detailed in the
                                      " Before - Now - How" Entries

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