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Malassezia Yeast Grayish Sticky Layer and Perspiration

                                                          ( Oct 12 )

               Malassezia Yeast Grayish Sticky Layer and Perspiration      


                    “Grayish Sticky Layer  or ... Malassezia Itself! ”

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One of the characteristic symptoms of Atypical TB is the heavy Night Sweats.
If one can imagine the Menopausal nights sweats but times x 5 ...more sweaty!...

Every couple of nights, sometimes many nights in a row, irrespective of the season
and the outside temperature, or heavy/ light covers or light heavy pyjamas etc
i wake up in the middle of the night drenched to the bone, undies, pyjamas,
bed sheets and all... and always have a ready replacement for all.

One of the many discomforts in my life but this one has a silver lining so to speak
in regards to Malassezia and its evil Sticky Layer or as i am starting to suspect
                           Malassezia Being the Sticky Layer Itself!.

When it is at work at a night of heavy drenching, GSL does not stick on to my Body
but instead soaks through to my clothing!

GSL on clothing looks much like mould and does not come off with washing.
I have soaked clothing in heavily chlorinated water with loads of washing powder
soda, and ‘degreasing orange power’ in hot water –at the start- and left for a full week
then gave it two washing machine turns but nothing was removed!

The latest victim was a cheap pair of knickers i bought in a bulk set for night purpose
and here is how it looked like after a drenched night while Malassezia was at work:
                                Easy to see that it is widespread on the clothing

                     Malassezia Grayish Sticky Layer on Clothing During Perspiration

It looks like a dense collection of Pinhead sized, Clearly Visible, Grayish Mould like Dots.

I throw any piece of clothing out, no matter what it is,
not only because it looks ugly and dirty but because there may be spores in there
dislodged from my drenched skin or laying within the GSL.

Thinking about it of course, i Thank God for the Perspiration
so that part of this evil resistant substance does not end up on the skin...

During these last few days while Observing Ever More Closely the Pattern of its Behaviour
an Interesting Thought has been Steadily Emerging and unfolding in my mind, that 

                Malassezia Yeast Does Not spray a Gray sticky Layer
        MALASSEZIA FUNGOUS  IS  the Gray Sticky Layer  ITSELF!

Emerging from the Internals, Spreading on the Body, Causing Burning, Itchy Sensations
then Some Drying Up due to Natural Attrition while Some Solidifies into Crystalline Shards
                    developing Hyphae and Starting to Draw Blood... etc.

So a question  that has been revolving endlessly in my mind
ever since i conducted the Controversial OIL Experiment
in regards to the Grayish Sticky Layer or ...Malassezia Itself
and applying Oil on the skin, has been:

“If Crystalline shards do not stick and if no Lesions follow,
then how come i found that i had to keep applying ‘more and more and more’?

  Suspicion and /or Confirmation that ... Malassezia Grows in Oil?

       By Providing the Oil the Question then becomes the Answer:

                                 ‘More and more and More?’

                                                   * * *

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