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Malassezia Yeast and The OIL Controversy

                                                   ( OCT 12 )

                    Malassezia Yeast and The OIL Controversy 

                           “ Pure or Contained in Everything! ”

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There are Two Constant Significant Points i have been trying to make Clear
throughout my entries:

If there are Symptoms indicating there is a Malassezia Yeast problem
and it appears to be Recurrent:

1- The problem is Neither Created Nor Isolated in the particular area/s
    where the symptoms manifest and are visible.
    To give a crude reverse analogy:
    A kitten never ‘litters’ the place where it eats or sleeps!
    Malassezia does!

2- Some Substances used and Ingredients contained in them
     are helping Perpetuate Rather than Eliminate the Problem.

       Which brings me back to the worse culprit of all:

    The OIL Controversy ... Pure or Contained in Everything!

I understand why it is confusing when using an Oil with well-known
antiseptic and antifungal properties, such as Tea Tree, Eucalyptus,
Sandalwood, Clove Oil or any other kind in the anti-fungal category,
either pure on its own or contained in some lotion and even medication!

The reason that most emollients such as balms, creams, moisturizers,
ointments, salves and different types of anti-fungal medications
appear to work –but temporarily– is because

a) They sooth and help heal the wound and itch created by the fungus
    present at that spot!... but do Not Affect the Place of Creation,
    or the Spores or all other places where the spores are resting before activation,
b) Because the emollient/ grease/ gel/oil base once the anti-fungal / antiseptic
    effect expires, becomes the Fertile ground Inviting More back in the area.

Even if the next problem does not manifest in that area, the oil/grease/gel
is the medium Malassezia uses to grow and from there it moves...
like the kitty in the next vulnerable area of skin litter!...

So the way i understand it is like this:

What helps Sooth and what Appears to Heal (Topically), 
Does Not necessarily Kill – Attracts More in the area
and Becomes the Reproduction/ Multiplication/ Growth Medium!

Ironic and paradoxical but true that what helps sooth and heal
also re-invites and perpetuates the problem...

In regards to the Internal, even though i have clearly stated that i have not found
anything that can substantially and perceptibly help, at least in my already
almost immaculate diet, if it was not so i would seriously consider re-examining
all intake and eliminate anything that can be devoid of nutrients, loaded with
sugars, salt, preservatives and allergenic and irritant additives,
not only because i believe they may add to the proliferation of Malassezia
but because they burden the body with more to cope and less to use to fight back.

Gluten, Sugars, Saturated, Hydrogenated, Heated Oils i consider as the worst
of all devils harming so many areas and organs of the body, but especially blocking
and bogging the Intestinal areas where they become the breeding ground
not only for Malassezia but so many other nasties as well...

Cleaning the Colon with 4-6 litres of clean warm water can help flash out
a lot of Malassezia, Debris and Toxins.

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