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Malassezia Yeast - Sea Water & Yoghurt Great Results

                                                              ( Oct 12 )

                    Malassezia Yeast - Sea Water & Yoghurt Great Results


                                       “Protection and Faster Healing” 

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                               Obvious Fast and Furious Calcium Absorption
                                      Provided by Seawater and Yoghurt
                                    as well as Protection and Faster Healing  

                                                          Finger Nails


                         Photo 1:  taken June 12              Photo 2-3:  taken Aug 12

                                                Toe Nail Fast Recovery


                        Photo 1:  taken June 12           Photo 2:  taken end Aug 12
                 ( Victim of the Oil Experiment )          ( Recovery stage )


Finger Nails

There have been several trimmings down from photo 1 to photo 2
because i cannot operate with long nails anymore.
My Hair also even though not directly exposed to Seawater
grows in the same fast page despite the constant Malassezia attacks
yet still benefitting by the Calcium absorption in Seawater and Yoghurt.


Photo 1

Nail - Torn and Missing
Nail Bed - Red and Raw
Cuticle Red, Drawn, Loose, Detached from the Base, Weak and Sore

Photo 2

New Nail growing fast (level indicated by Blue arrow and line)
Nail Bed  - White and Strong with New thin layer of Nail growing.
Cuticle - Stronger, Wider and Firm (indicated by green arrow)
Base of Toe wrinkled due to overnight wrapping with a Sea water dipped cotton wad.

* Photo 1: From Feb -Oil Experiment gone wrong- there was no nail growth.

It was a long process of Malassezia growth, spreading and swelling
with partial recovery cool downs and repeated relapses until June 12
when it reached the final stage of the process and was ready to start growing,
only to be thrown back during a high fever episode i suffered.
This remarkable growth has taken place during this short period
from June to August, regardless of Malassezia’ s  last attack.

Despite repeated series of successful results of certain substances and methods
there is absolutely NO single area, NO ground permanently gained and Safe!

Every Day there is Rigorous Maintenance – as described in ‘Before- Now- How’.

And Each and Every Day this maintenance is necessary until a solution
is discovered and established  in regulating Malassezia Internal production,
combined with strengthening the Immune system .... .

                                        .. and even then ...


               i don’t know if i could sleep with both eyes closed...

    But Until then, it is Maintenance, Acidophilus, Yoghurt and Seawater


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