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Malassezia Yeast, Stress and Immunity

                                                        (Oct 12)

                           Malassezia Yeast, Stress and Immunity


                          “ A Typical Stress and Immunity Case ” 


                          Malassezia Yeast and Gentlemen’s Issues

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                    Rare Malassezia attack on my Man’s leg...

My man suffered one of the rare flare ups during the week that i was very ill
with high temperatures and severe chills, while him been exposed
to several work mates as well very sick and going through the trauma
of his father’s death only four days prior.

It is well known that serious grief such as the death of a loved one,
can Suppress the Immune system.

To me this was a Typical Stress and Immunity case 
that allowed the development of such vicious attack and severity of symptoms.

Usually he is aware of Malassezia presence
but does not feel the symptoms anywhere near i do, if not even at all
and can get on with life normally without any particular measures or maintenance.

Flare ups like this only come up after stress but they are less extensive
with minimal itching, too mild to notice, and he only discovers the results suddenly.

This time the Itching made him Rub Frequently and the Lesions lasted for days.
They only subsided when we went down the Beach and he went in the water knee deep
 to collect some Seawater for my regular applications.

In order to help some gentlemen who visit the site for answers
but are not likely to ask me any direct questions, i shall list here the usual
symptoms and signs i know and see my Man experiences
both on a regular basis as well as in certain circumstances
in the past and / or present, like this one above.

 In the Past and /or Present Periodically and /or after certain conditions:

* Infrequent but Recurrent Jock Itch episodes of varying severity

* Stinging sensation, Burning and Irritability on the tip area of his Penis
  usually after our intimate contacts, myself also feeling the burning and itching
  in the outer private areas as well.
  Used to last a couple of days and then subside and not knowing we attributed it
  to kidney sensitivity that we have both been prone and /or food acidity, 
  especially since he can eat some evil goodies i could or would not eat.

* Paper Cut lines on Hands, Legs -as shown above- and Penis
  (on penis either not as frequently or he will not tell me, lol)

* Sudden Red mildly Itchy rashes on different parts of his body,
   usually hands, arms or legs much the same as in the photo above
   but not as large or extensive

Regular and Uneventful

* Leg Cramps
  (i believe through Anal Malassezia congestion causing muscles to contract
  - similar to Restless Leg Syndrome)

* Bleeding, Painful, Itchy Haemorrhoids – badly exacerbated after eating whipping cream
  (confirms my point above that Malassezia gets attracted to blood ...and Fat?...)

* Tired, constantly Congested Eyes, rubbing the discharge between thumb and finger
   untill dry, releases gritty Malassezia particles. 

   (He has taken to washing with water but not rubbing with cotton wads that is more effective)

* Constantly Red Eyelash Beds

* Poorer Eyelashes than he used to have (and it is not due to aging!)

* Gritty shards hanging precariously on his lovable Moustache, Eye brows
  or even finer hair in his Nostrils – takes one to know to notice...

* Pin Pricks on different parts of his body especially on sensitive skin areas
  like the Belly, Chest, Upper Thighs which often leave pinhead sized red circles 


              Pin Prick on his Chest magnified for better viewing

* Bumps on the skin in places such as Face, Forehead, Chin, on the Back or Chest
  that may or may not always erupt into lesions  *

* Graysh sticky Layer collecting under Finger Nails


* Dry areas of Flaky Skin – after been afflicted by the Graysh Sticky Layer

* And at times the lingering Ashy Malassezia Odour

Pretty much the same variety of symptoms Ladies experience too
but with the male skin advantage on their side , that their skin 

.... does not ‘Scream’   as Loud as Ours!    Lol! 

Note  Re:

*      Bumps on the skin in places such as Face, Forehead, Chin, on the Back or Chest
       may or may not always erupt into lesions.

       ( I have recently discovered to my immeasurable delight this becoming the case
       with mine for the last couple of months, as well as resistance in forming lesions
       in areas previously heavily troubled.
       It appears that either the body absorbs them before they erupt into lesions
       or the conditions for their growth have changed... )

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